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Hello and welcome to FHUK

Please have a look around the forums and then post your queries in the most appropriate ones and someone will try to answer them.

Good luck with your research.


Hi Pat

according to the statistics, you have made two posts, and received four replies. Your first post was made in the Introduce yourself forum, as a reply to the thread Sticky Introduction, post number 366.
Your 2nd post was made in the same forum, but you started a new thread headed Postings, which is this thread.

If you think you have made any other posts, they have not made it to the forum. Make sure you press the submit button on completion of the post.

To find your posts, click on your user name, then statistics or find posts

You cannot make private messages yet as you need to have made three posts. Once you have done this your user name changes from blue to green aand more features of the site become available to you.

Having said that, welcome from, to the forum from a sunny Leeds. I hope we can help you find some ammunition for your trip over here