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Pray your Indulgence

Hi Thomas,

No problem with that Thomas, so long as it is genealogy, we don't really mind.

I have had a quick scan of The Case of the Missing Family and it certainly looks good to me. I haven't the time at the moment, but will put some time aside to revisit shortly.

All the best,
I have got through the first 6 chapters before work today and its bloody brilliant. Cant wait to read the rest.

That's really kind of you to say, Izabel - and thank you, Dave, for letting me post this.

Reading a blog can be hard work (particularly since the last chapter published is at the top!) so I have reformatted this on a webpage, and the full text is available here.

I started writing this as a bit of a spoof on my family history website, but enjoyed it so much I haven't been able to stop!

Incidentally, Izabel, I have 'family' who emigrated to South Africa from England between 1850 - 1870. Last year I was fortunate to make contact with the descendents of the emigrants (brothers of my direct ancestor) and we've had a great time corresponding!

Kind Regards

Thank you to those FHUK members who have been reading Harry McFry - I've had a really encouraging response from people who've stumbled on it so far!

I've recently posted Chapter 35 and hope to post more next week, after a couple of days off!

Kind regards

Well, Harry McFry has broached the 50 Chapter barrier! I little thought when I started out on this trail that Hary would generate nearly 50,000 words!

I also wanted to let you know that, thanks to Family History UK, I made contact with the producers of Radio 4's new family history show, Tracing Your Roots.
Last Friday, I was interviewed by Sall Magnusson and, all things being well, my family history story will air on 26 March.

For those who aren't in the UK or who can't tune in when the show goes out at 4.30pm, the programme has an admirable 'listen again' facility.

So, thanks to FHUK for flagging this up!

Kind Regards

Hi Thomas,
Getting there slowly, but its a great read, and may I say educational. I took the liberty to pick out a quick quote here:
Harry considered this for a second or two. “And you’ve got the marriage certificate for Stuart and Lorraine, and the death certificates for the two of them?” he asked.
Laurel was starting to feel distinctly uncomfortable. Did tracing your family tree really involve having to send for every last certificate? These were ‘recent’ family – ‘recent’ marriages, ‘recent’ deaths. How important could they be?
Well I believe its educational!:)

Oh Thomas, how about a link or write up on your web page about this great community website here?
Would be appreciated.:)

If Harry doesn;t get around to mentioning Family History UK, it's not because he doesn't think it's a great site, Dave!

In the meantime, I'll add a link on the sidebar - very remiss of me not to do so before now!

Kind Regards


(I have tried to include the odd tip here and there in the text, Dave - nice to see you notice it!)
It's a pleasure, Dave. I know a lot of FHUK members have kindly dropped by to read 'Harry' - the referring site shows up on Statcounter. I'm only a little embarrassed not to have linked to you earlier.:)

Kind Regards
Hello, Everyone!

It's been a while since I was logged onto the FHUK forum - lot's going on to slow down my family history research, I'm afraid.

The good news is that my Harry McFry story is rattling along to its conclusion: I'm now up to Chapter 108 and Harry is close to solving the mystery of the missing family.

Please feel free to dip in again - and to leave any comments you might have either here, or on the blog itself.

Kind Regards