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Preston Army Pay Office

East Yorkshire
My Grandfather was born in Guernsey and adopted in 1905 by Mr & Mrs Wade who were in the army, possibly based at Guernsey at the time. A copy of his informal hand-written 'Adoption Note' was later stamped ARMY PAY OFFICE, PRESTON (- the stamp is dated but the date is unclear). Does anyone know where these records would be now and if it is possible to get copies of them?
Kind regards, :)
Hiya Robinetta,
the barracks at Preston is still operational so you could also try writing to the adjutant there. Nowadays its a logistics corp barracks, but the pay office is still operational and they may hold old records. Its Fulwood Barracks in Preston but I dont know full postal address. Hope this helps a little.
best wishes
Hiya Pat

Just done a search and Fulwood Barracks is now also the home of the:

Museum of the Lancashire Regiment
Fulwood Barracks
Tel: 01772 260362

An excellent start for me, thanks. Have posted it in case it comes in handy for someone else. ;)

Kind regards,
Hello again Robinetta,
I'm glad the information came in useful and it was a good idea to post the link so that others might find it. Good luck in your further research, best wishes