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Prisoners of War?

North of Watford Gap
I've been asked to find some information regarding the Army Details of RICHARD KELLETT, who was a POW in Italy.
Served with the Royal Artillery in Africa and Italy. This request was passed to me because my cousin couldn't find this
guy's name on Ancestry. Apparently the family are trying to find what medals he had (the originals were stolen) so that
they can replace them. Richard Kellett died in 1986. Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks.

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Where about did he pass away.?

Richard Kellett
Death Age: 72
Birth Date: 4 Jul 1914
Reg. Date: Dec 1986
Reg. District: Blackburn
Volume: 40
Page: 174

Richard Kellett
Death Age: 79
Birth Date: 29 Sep 1906
Reg. Date: Jan 1986
Reg. District: Bradford
West Yorkshire
Volume: 4
Page: 503

I would thing they would have to apply for his Military Records, then apply for his replacement medals. Or maybe contact the R.A. Museum.

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Thanks Steve, it's the guy from Blackburn. He joined in 1939 and it seems this is yet another
family that never talked about WWII - just like mine. There's also a question mark about this
guy having a court martial - the mind boggles. Any information would be helpful. Trust you
are hale and hearty as much as possible. I had the dreaded virus in November and lost 12-14
days of my life but have recovered back to my old self. Thanks again.
May or may not help

"TNA holds a vast amount of material for Second World War prisoners of war. Japanese prisoner of war index cards can be found in WO 345. TNA also holds liberated prisoner of war interrogation questionnaires in WO 344. These were the debriefing reports given by prisoners released from German or Japanese captivity at the end of the Second World War."

Many thanks Gibbo. Like many people, I think the family concerned are totally unaware of how to track down military history. As it happens I applied for my uncle's service records at least a year ago, and the lockdowns have caused this massive delay.