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Private apprenticeship?


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My ancestor was John Newman born late 1750s, or very early 1760 as he was baptised at Belchamp St Paul, Essex in early February 1760. He was the son of Samuel and Hannah Newman. In April 1782 he was subject to a settlement examination at Rochford where it said at the age of about 17 years he was apprenticed to Joseph Turner of Southminster, a shoemaker and they agreed to part after 4 years. John married in late September 1780 in Rochford.

I cannot seem to find an apprenticeship indenture in the lists of indentures but the blurb said that not all were listed if the apprenticeships were assigned by the common or public charge of any township or parish. I did think maybe a pauper apprenticeship but I read that the maximum age for a pauper apprenticeship was 14 years, and John was 17. So I am guessing he had a private apprenticeship. Now an interesting fact is, Joseph Turner's stepfather was William Newman who was John Newman's uncle. So John was apprenticed to his step cousin. William Newman wed widow Elizabeth Turner in 1768. A witness was William's brother Francis' wife.

In Feb 1783 a Thomas Newman of Burnham On Crouch near Southminster left a will and mentions "My nephew John Newman of Rochford, son of my brother Samuel", leaving him 20 pounds. He mentions his brother William Newman of Southminster.

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