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Problem with Genesreunited

I don't know if anyone can help but I can't access my Genesreunited account. Every time I try to logon on it just keeps coming up with the sign in screen :mad: I have tried all their suggestions of clearing my browsing history and even after my pc has been off all night it's still the same this morning - has anyone else ever had this problem?
Hi Dave - I can access the website ok, it's just when I try to logon I enter my details but it just keeps reverting back to that page to logon again, it's like I'm stuck in a loop. I registered under another email address and can access that ok, but I can't login under my original one which is very annoying as I am a Platinum member and can't access any records. I have reported this to them but have had no reply yet - probably with it being the weekend, I just wondered whether anyone else had had this problem in the past and what the answer was.
Is is possible that you have logged in on another computer, and not logged out?. I have known someone have a similar problem, in that the site would not then let her log in as the user name was already in use

I've just logged into my Genes reunited account, and like Dave no problems. Maybe its related to the browser you're using? Perhaps have a look at the help topics for that and see if that helps? Hope you can get it sorted.
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