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Problem with site


I have been a member in here for over 10 years so why today am I noted on my profile as a "new member" and my post have to be approved by a moderator?
I cant edit my posts, cant send private messages and every time I post it shows up but yet get the message "This message is awaiting moderator approval, and is invisible to normal visitors"
Dave had trouble the other day when posting a thread in the Private and Sensitive forum, it wasn't private at all. I could read it without even logging in.
Yeah, Val said she had prob's with editing, Gibbo?

Let's hope the Admins can sort it..

I saw your email, did you see the reply?

It doesn't seem to be only this site which is having problems, a couple of other forums I use seem to be iffy as well, and as for Findmypast, it's really beginning to annoy me with error messages nearly every time I try to look at an image or a transcription.