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Proudest moments.


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swindon wilts
Can you remember a time that you felt proud as a youngster..even now you think about it and feel good...at school i was small...and the PE teacher delighted in seeing me knocked about by the bigger boys in Rugby..i hated him..strong word i know but in a childy hatey way...i loved football and wasnt bad..but he had his favourites..then we had an interschool cross country running day...Mr Summers laughed out loud when he announced i was taking on the under 12s champion from the other school..along with 2 other boys...cant remember the distance but it was 20 laps round a large playing field....he thaught he was clever by making a mug of me as i was always back chatting him...on the day the whole school turned out to watch cos it was run during school time,and lots of other events were taking place...like sports day but against another school....i loved running he didnt know that....after 18 laps that seemed like a jog i started to pull away...was like Gump..even heard a mate shout run Lee run!.....on the last lap i was nearly catching the other runners up to lap them..they were dead on there feet as i was sprinting..the whole school was cheering going bananas and when i crossed the line Mr Summers was noware to be seen....even the other school champion said well done..i did alot of running after that...that day stands out for me..i remember seeing my little sister in the crowd nearly in tears.
As people we tend to pick the bad times out in life to choose to remember...i remember that so clearly...it changed my life really that day,even today its relevent to how i think some days.
So come on people it dosnt need to be life changing but what made you proud...can you think of a time?


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In Ireland, but born Bucks.
Hey Lee, that story reminds me of my school reports........."Could do better", appeared at the bottom every year.
I found some of my older siblings reports, and on the bottom, yep........"Could do better". No originality these teachers.!!

School related proudest moment, occured a couple of years ago when I travelled back to England for a school reunion, as well as catch up with the family.
Arrived at my old school, which I hadn't seen for nearly 40yrs, I immediately saw some old school chums. After jawing for a while and exchanging details, I went on the hunt for any teachers that may still be alive.

I came across my english teacher, Mr.Lait, who was a great teacher by anyones standards.
I waited until he was alone and walked up to him, shook his hand and bestowed my admiration for him and all his classes, that I appeared in.
This man could read a phone book backwards, and make it interesting.

I babbled on talking to him for a few minutes and he listened intensely. I had talked myself to a standstill, and then said.........."I bet you don't remember me, do you".
He replied.........."Of course I do Stephen, and your brother Dickie. You really should have stayed on at school and achieved your 'O' levels. You were extremely capable and I'm sure University would have been a breeze for you. If you remember, even on the last day I tried to convince you to stay on".
God knows I should have listened, but too late.

He then asked what I'd been up to these last 40yrs, I told him.
He then said............. "I was wrong, you have learned far more from the universtiy of life and you've turned out alright haven't you".

My chest expanded beyond belief. God bless Mr.Lait.


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