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Proudfoots in Wisconsin


Staff member
Hi, can anyone help me find more about this family.
William Proudfoot possibly born 1823 Berwickshire to John and Sophia Proudfoot

Went to America around 1858 and married that year to a Mary A.

Had children
Margaret 1860 born Louisiana
John 1862
Sofia 1864
William 1867
Mary Ann 1870
Edward 1876
Walter 1879 all born Wisconsin.

Family living in Mount Hope, Grant, Wisconsin in censuses

Atree has a birth for Proudfoot in the right area but index only and mother is Mary Emma Day but she seems to be Mary A on all the census born May 1842 Scotland.

I have checked for a marriage in Scotland but not finding anything. Have tried to find any Mary Emma Day in Scotland census, no luck there either. But Day isn't very Scottish.

Anyone got any ideas of anything I can do to find her maiden name, marriage etc?

Hi Barbara

Not sure if you've seen the 1910 Wisc. census...

If the correct family:
It says William's age = 85y or 65y [image says 85y]
Res' = Mount Hope, Grant, Wisconsin
Mary's age = 65y
Married 52y = c1858
Both b. Scotland
William's immigration year = 1853 [image looks like 1853, the 3 isn't too clear]
Mary's immigration not given

If you need to see the '1853' on the image I can put an extract for deciphering in the 'Documents Board'

I'm wondering if Mary's maiden name is Mcfarlan/e?

Whilst looking for Mary's death on FS [think I found the death] also scrolling down on same page are other records...


Thanks Geoff, I will look into that name. Thanks for the 1853. I did find a Wm Proudfoot leaving Greenock on board the Herald occupation Ploughman but arriving NY in 1851.

Name: Mary Emma Day
Gender: Female
Birth Place: MT Hope, Grant Co, Wis
Spouse: William A Proudfoot
Child: Proudfoot
FHL Film Number: 1302874

The above is also from FHS and right place but she is def Mary A in the census.

In another census I have Mary immigrated 1858 and Wm 1857 so don't they were too sure.

Can't think where else to look for the moment. Will go see McFarlane in the Scottish census with Wm and Mgt as parents.

Says that on the index, Geoff, but not on the original. It doesn't say anything actually. Just his name age and ploughman

I was taking it that it was the usual thinking of Scotland as part of England that we are used to in Scotland but who knows:biggrin:

Date out tho and tells me nowt.

Not finding much for McFarlan(d)e - no Marys on Scotlandspeople. There are a couple of Williams and Margarets but none that I can grab for definite.
William Proudfoot
Gender Male
Wife Mary Emma Day

Name Mary Emma Day
Event Type Death
Event Date 1897
Event Place Mount Hope, Grant, Wisconsin
Residence Place Mount Hope, Wisconsin
Gender Female
Age 22
Marital Status Married
Race white
Occupation farmer's wife
Birth Date 12 Jan 1875
Birth Year (Estimated) 1875
Birthplace , Grant, Wisconsin
Burial Place Mt. Hope, Wisconsin
Cemetery Hermitage
Father's Name George W. Day
Father's Birthplace , Morgan, Kentucky
Mother's Name Melissa A. Day
Mother's Birthplace , Grant, Wisconsin
Spouse's Name William Proudfoot
William Proudfoot
Birth: 1826 Death: 1917
GAR 17th Wisc Co E
Hermitage Cemetery
Mount Hope
Grant County
Wisconsin, USA

Mary Proudfoot
Birth: 1839 Death: 1912
Hermitage Cemetery
Mount Hope
Grant County
Wisconsin, USA

William Proudfoot
Gender Male
Wife Mary Mcfarlane
Son Walter Proudfoot
Belle Crubaugh
John Crubaugh
Mary Babcock
Marriage 18 Aug 1904
Lancaster, Grant, Wisconsin, United States
William Proudfoot
Gender Male
Wife Mary Mcfarland
Son Edward James Proudfoot
Ellen Regina Sutton
Benjamin Sutton
Mary A. Gregory
Marriage 14 Jul 1897
Grant, Wisconsin, United States

Wm. Proudfoot
Gender Male
Wife Mary Mcfarland
Son William A. Proudfoot
Emma Day
George W. Day
Melissa Weaver
Marriage 30 Mar 1893
Grant, Wisconsin, United States

Looks like there's an Alice
Alice E Proudfoot Jun 1884 Wisconsin

John Proudfoot 1862 Wisconsin, United States

Maggie Proudfoot 1860 Louisiana, United States

That's where Father was at Civil War on his records in FS

John Robert Proudfoot ----Jan 1862 -Wisconsin
Father's Name - William Proudfoot
Mother's Name - Mary Mcfarlan Proudfoot
Ella Norton
F - Albert Norton
M -Margaret J. Parks Norton
Marriage - 30 Mar 1898
Grant, Wisconsin, United States

Changed her age just a wee bit on that ship record. Says May 1842 on one of the census.

If they had their first child (Margaret) in Louisiana would they go into the USA at a different port.

Guess we need some American experts on here!