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Puzzled and Sad.


swindon wilts
Hi everyone this relates to John/Jack Ferris who i thought was my Grandads brother and everything pointed to it being the poor soul buried in Ramleh Egypt.(WW1 Ancestry thread)
Seems it more lightly isn't him,though he was in the Hants/Wilts regiment and came from Bitterne i was puzzled on a few issues,why didn't they know his age,he had a close family and the fact that my dad had mentioned he had died in France:confused:
Saw my dad yesterday and wished him well on fathers day and shown him the news on Jack/John,now my dad is very unwell at present so dont like to push things but he is adamant that his dads brother was born JACK(not John who was found on the records)and more importantly he seems to think that poor Jack was returned to the Southampton area for burial,he still thinks that the place of death was the Somme.


The link above what Julie found about Stoneham suggests my dad could be right about that........but either dad or the census is wrong as it names him as John.....my dad is also adamant that Jack was the youngest which dosn't add up on the census details:rolleyes:)
So i have a lot of searching to do probably starting in the graveyard at Stoneham where he seems to think it could have been...upset me a bit and taught me a valuable lesson...not to rush in without as many facts as possible.
Like to apologise also to everyone who helped me as all that work seems to be in vain:(
As i said my dad could be wrong,remember poor Jack was long gone before my father was born and a part of me hopes he is...i will just have to be patient and do the job properly this timeredf)redf)
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Hi Lee
Haven't gone back over info yet, but John was very often called Jack and used this name all the time. I have a person where his offspring only know him as Jack, but he was christened John.

Hi Lee
I've looked through the records and can find no reason to think they are wrong.

Did your grandfather have a brother Frank born 1901. He is listed with John 1897 and Wallace 1898. Frank was born in Southampton whereas Wallace and John were born in Harptree. The military record gives John place of birth as Harptree living inbitterne.

EDIT Just looked at 1901 census again. I notice John was John J. Could this be John Jack? not many names starting with J. Also I notice Silvanus had 10 children 2 of which had died by the latest census.

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Thanks Dave,really good of you to look and check it out....the John J scenario sounds right....John,Jack...............i have checked the milatary burials at South Stoneham ware the census has them living in 1910(thanks Julie) and there is 66 burials(CWG)...John Ferris not there,i can only summise that dad is wrong and he like many others was fed a myth about France.
Is it John,Jack buried in Egypt...seems to be right to me if only the age was there it would help.
You are right about Frank Dave,dad remembers him well.
Dad is really shocked about the fact that it could be him buried in Egypt,i hope to go to my cousins soon for a good chinwag,because of certain issues in the past it is a little awkward but they are lovely people and for once i will be forthright and ask some questions about the past that may give a hint....and possibly a photo of him i can post up.

Thanks Dave........appreciated.

Dave,some good souls have did some research for me a while back on The War forum not been on there in ages but come up with this.
Apparently the Hants were disbanded in 1918 and 300 soldiers and five officers joined the Wilts.....and to my shame Ramleh is in Israel not Egyptredf)

So poor John served nearly four years and was only two months away from coming home.
It has dawned on me that John could have been grandads half brother.......
The census shows he was born in East Hampton,Somerset.......my grandad and other brother Frank was born in Southampton,my feeling is that John was the son of my Great grandads previous marriage to Annie Livingstone,the Barfoots were never in Somerset.
Hi Lee

Annie married Silvanus in 1893,
John, Wallace (1898) and Frank were their children - all brothers.

Wallace (1898) married Barfoot

Wallace (1925) Geoffrey and Eunice were Barfoot children. Are you getting your Wallace's mixed up?

Geoffrey,my dad...Eunice my dads sister.....but Wallace 1925:confused:
The only other brother was Maurice......so Geoff,Eunice and Maurice were the three children of Wallace Ferris and Millicent Barfoot......Annie Barfoot married Sylvanus.

Wallace Ferris my grandad was the son of Sylvanus Ferris...and didnt have a son named after him.:).......unless my Uncle Maurice was really named Wallace Ferris!

So this is how i see it Dave....Sylvanus Ferrs married Annie Barfoot.

Sons,Wallace(my grandad) and the youngest Frank.
(John probably being there half brother from Sylvanus's first marriage)

Wallace my grandad had two sons Geoff(my dad) Maurice and one daughter Eunice.

Can you confirm that Maurice was the brother of Geoffery and Eunice please.
Hi Lee
That explains why we are going wrong.
this is the record of births. Wallace F M, could that be Wallace F Maurice Ferris??

Name: Wallace F M Ferris
Mother's Maiden Surname: Barfoot
Date of Registration: Jul-Aug-Sep 1925
Registration district: Southampton
Inferred County: Hampshire
Volume Number: 2c 14

Name: Eunice M A Ferris
Mother's Maiden Surname: Barfoot
Date of Registration: Jan-Feb-Mar 1928
Registration district: Southampton
Inferred County: Hampshire
Volume Number: 2c 7

Name: Geoffrey L Ferris
Mother's Maiden Surname: Barfoot
Date of Registration: Jul-Aug-Sep 1933
Registration district: Southampton
Inferred County: Hampshire, Berkshire
Volume Number: 2c 3

I think your theory about john being a half brother is wrong. - sorry
Silvanus married Lyons then Livingstone
Wallace 1898 married Barfoot
John was born 4 years after Silvanus married Annie so cannot have been born to Silvanus's first wife, Bertha Lyons
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Well,Well Dave....didn't know my uncle Maurice was named Wallace...obviously after his dad.
Not sure what Eunice's middle names were but i would guess it was Millicent Anne,i will ask dad....he is Geoffrey Leslie.

As for John thanks for the info,dad will be pleased and so am i as he is of course my great Uncle....and not a half one if you get my meaning,one last thing dad is adamant John was the youngest of the brothers can you confirm that he was older than Wallace and Frank for me please.
Hi Lee

John Ferris
Date of Registration: Apr-May-Jun 1897
Registration district: Clutton
Inferred County: Somerset
Volume: 5c
Page: 477

Name: Wallace Ferris
Date of Registration: Jan-Feb-Mar 1898
Registration district: Clutton
Inferred County: Somerset
Volume: 5c
Page: 494

Name: Frank Ferris
Date of Registration: Jan-Feb-Mar 1901
Registration district: Southampton
Inferred County: Hampshire
Volume: 2c
Page: 43

A final thanks to you Dave,funny still puzzled at why John and Wallace was born in Clutton(Harptree)....maybe Annie was with Sylvanus there with him before moving to Southampton.

Feel free to move this thread Dave if you want to.....and THANKYOU.