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Queen Alexandra's Rn Nursing Service


Does anyone know where I can find a history of the above ?

I have a distant cousin Mabel Edith Grigson who was a Sister in Queen Alexandra's Royal Naval Nursing Service during WW1 stationed in Malta. she died October 1918 at the age of 36 and is buried in The Capuccini Naval Cemetery. My question is, where can I find out what was the cause of death as the war was over by then? I would love to find out about conditions at the time and did those conditions contribute to her death.

Hi Viv,

Mabels death is registered in the Naval War Deaths 1914-1918 as follows:-

Miss Mabel E Grigson rank/rating reserve nursing sister RN Hosp Malta year 1918 Vol RN0 page 88
This was on Findmypast site under deaths overseas.

Will have a look later to see if the death certificate can be ordered via the online registration services.
Morning Julie

Thanks very much for that information.... it never ceases to amaze what you can find out on the internet nowadays. What did people do in the days before it's conception !
I am planning a trip to The National Archives later this year to get my Grandfather's complete service reords. I have spent many hours here in Portsmouth "trawling" thru The Navy Lists tracing his career as an officer, the next logical step is the NRO. Now armed with your info, I can kill two birds with one stone as it is.
I have heard that one's first visit is a bit daunting but fun if you don't let the enorminity of the place get to you.