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Questions regarding church record


Well-known member
I downloaded this doc from Scotland's People website and I'm left with more questions than answers. I'm hoping that some of you brilliant folks may be able to offer some explanations of things that are puzzling to me. apologies for the size of the image but it's rather difficult to make out without seeing it full size

First question is likely the easiest- can some one tell me exactly what the monetary amounts mean in the right hand column? The entry I am concerned with reads a fee of 3 was paid, but 3 what? The numeric entry is in the middle column of the first three if that helps any.

Second question- is a proclamation the same as posting bans? Meaning the date of Feb 6 1831 isn't the date of actual marriage?

Lastly does anyone has any insight as to why there would be a note regarding the fee paid but no matching marriage record available? I'm pretty new to SP so wondering if I've missed something.


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