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questions ???

hi guys as a bit of a novice searching military records can anyone answer a couple of queries for me.
1. when viewing some of the ww1 records they all seem to say reserve labour corps and then have the regiments that the men belonged to, why was that, i know that after a certain date most men where conscripted so why would it be the reserves when they knew they would see active service anyway.
2. on most of the records they had the wife,s mothers ect as next of kin and the children listed and addresses, but on the ones that havent would you be able to get this info from other sources if indeed you proved to be a direct relative.
3. why can we view some ww2records and not others. i imagine thats covered by this 100 years rule thingy??.
thanks in advance suex
Hi Sue,
Even as an ex-serviceman, going through records is a proverbial "minefield", (excuse the pun) and I'm not sure where one can get the straight answers.
However, as a comparison on going through details concerning my late uncle, I found that there were people who were initially Cheshire Regiment/South Wales Borderers etc BUT were attached to the Auxillary Militiary Pioneer Corps - this was WWII. Therefore, in that case had it been my late uncle, my first point of contact would have been the Museum of the Cheshire/South Wales Borderers and see if they knew the reason why, followed by the Imperial War Museum.
One of the major problems in this the 21st Century is that very many of the old regiments and corps have been merged etc, some more than once within the last 40 years, and that in itself makes the search more frustrating - I know this from my own efforts to date.
Please feel free to ask me anything else, as the advert says, and this is not 100% but "I may know a man than can".
One person I was researching was a Regular, signed up in the Royal Scots Fusiliers in 1896, still there during the Great war but in 1919 was a Sgt. in the Chinese Labour Corps. Clearing up the battlefields is my best guess?

PS I am Ex mob as well Ian. Royal Green Jackets. (Many years ago!)