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Quick clarification needed that I have the right person


Can I get some quick help here just to confirm my findings please?

There seems to confusion regarding my paternal grandmother as she might have changed her name when she left Scotland and moved to England.

What I do know is that she was known as Susan Saunders (ms Bell) from Troon in Ayrshire, Scotland however my father confirmed her name was also Jean.

When she got married, her marriage certificate said Jean however I do know that she lied about her age when she got married so can hardly use the name listed on the marriage certificate to base any proof.

Her death certificate from 21/02/1971 shows Jean Susan Saunders with a date of birth as being 1/4/1916 in Troon however the only birth that I can find is for Jean Scouller Bell on the 1/4/1915 in Troon with the correct parents listed.

Is this simply a tyro or is there something that I am missing here?

The certificate are here link :

It may just be my lack of skill but I can't bring the certs up to see what they say. they are too wee. But sounds like your instincts are saying there is something fishy so probably is. Can you send another way or do a link or tell me how to enlarge?
But she could just have hated the name Scouller and decided Susan was nicer. Is the Scouller someone's maiden name further back. And a year out could well be just her not being sure as she got older or always lying about her age.
I'm not finding her on SP under surname Bell 1914-1918 Troon !

Edit could she have been adopted?

Edit I have tried Jane ,Jean ,Susan surname Bell ,Saunders,between 1914 -1918 Ayrshire not finding her.

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defo not adopted, I have her birth certificate which is below :


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Here is a few more links which might have the certificates a little clearer.

Death certificate is below


Marriage Certificate


From an experts point of view - are these all the same person bearing in mind the Jean / Susan name issue?


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Scott, was that just a typo in your first message? You said 1915/16.

I would tentatively say the same person but why change to Jean? Perhaps she was always known by Jean as her mother was Susan too? But that sort of family info would be hard to prove when it is so far after census.


I was referring to the year of birth being 1 year out on the birth and death certificate.

The parents are the correct names (Andrew and Susan MS Gibbons) so I always thought there were too many corrects points for it to be wrong and my father said she was know as Jean & Susan.

bit odd don't you think?

The Scottish side seems very difficult to find as there is no ancestry or find my past service that seems to cover north of the border.

Scotland's people is very expensive if you want to do a prolonged search etc.

Cheers though :)

Well ,it was the person that told the coroner her birth ,These things happen. The date of Parents marriage is on the Birth Cert. That will have ages and employment and both sets of parents should be on it. You should be able too to see that online at SP ,and use the rest of your units on the 1911 Census. After that you can view at Ancs. or FMP and after 1875 on the census and Family search ,as both parents are given on Scots Familysearch record till late 1700's.
As for a different name ,my late sister in law was known all her days as Maureen by her parents, registered as Mary.

Should also add the SP online records are from the reg. books and contain the same info as a cert .So no need to buy a cert ,unless you would like to have it .