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Radici Links ~ The Italian Genealogy Webclub

Hi Elly,

You have been busy again. Thanks for the links.

I must get you to send them also direct to me to add into our Genealogy Links Section.

Thanks again Elly:)


I hope you don't mind me posting links, I place most of them in the 'Genealogy Links' section, but if they are connected to a particular forum, I post them in the hope that 'newbies' would be able to find them abit easier. Would you prefer me to add them straight to the Genealogy Links section or send them directly to yourself?

I'm sorry if I've stepped on anyones toes....:eek:

Kind regards
No problem Elly :) We love the work you are doing for us all. Members really appreciate it. So carry on with what you are doing:)

I mentioned our section Genealogy Links http://www.familyhistory.uk.com/index.php?option=com_bookmarks&Itemid=140
as this is the main place for links on the main site, though you will get bored by adding one after another - thats why I suggested maybe sending a lot together direct to me also to add in that section.

Thanks again Elly,
Hiya Dave

No worries....I'll make a list & let you have it O0

I'm glad I can be of help....It keeps me out of mischief...lol

Kind regards