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RAF records July 1944

Good Morning Everyone

I am new to the forum and have a question please. I am a Brit living in France. I have a French friend who has a pre war car with an interesting history. This we believe involves the Royal Air Force.

This French friend had a great uncle who owned a Citroen Traction avant saloon. This great uncle was driving this Citroen on a public road, against all advice at the time, on 29 July 1944 in North West France, Department 08 (BALLAY) in the direction of de Vouziers.

The French population had been warned not to use vehicles on the roads as the allied air forces were on search and destroy missions looking for enemy targets.

Needless to say the pig headed great uncle's car was shot up by what we believe was an RAF aircraft and great uncle was killed.

My French friend has managed to track down the car, he now owns it and it is in the process of being restored.

Out of curiosity we would like to track down which type of aircraft attacked the Citroen and if possible find the name of the pilot - just to complete the history of the car.

Has anyone any idea how I might track down this information?

Thanks in advance.

Tony Hillyard

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