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RAF Service Number.

Good Evening,
Can anyone help me with this service number?
It is AA521740B.
I believe it was the service number of one L. Owens of Cymaman in South Wales.
Could anyone tell me what the AA and B in the service number means.

Thank you.
Hi Steve,
Thanks for your reply!
I thought the same but i was was not sure either. I know he served in Burma in WW2.
I just wanted to make sure the service number which was on some papers was correct. I also wondered if anyone could tell me the year of enlistment using this number.
Thanks again.
Hi Steve,
I thought the same as you but i am not sure myself.
I know L. OWENS was based on Burma. I wondered if anyone knew what year he enlisted in the RAF by using his service number.
Thanks again.
I don't think it is an RAF Number, there were Royal Artillery and others with 6 digit personal numbers during WWII but I've not seen any with letters. Steve's thoughts to AA & B could be right but for clarification try asking at an Artillery Museum. I have however seen RAF personal numbers pre-fixed with one single letter, and not just A. The only other option could be trying to find some-one in the Cwmaman area (near Aberdare) where there is a good ex-service community.
Hope this helps.
Search for a Royal Air Force airmans’ service records (AIR 79) on findmypast (£). These are records of airmen with service numbers from 1 to 562875. Some files may contain information from the Second World War but service records for the Second World War are still with the RAF (see section 3.2).

RAF service numbers between 313001 and 316000 indicate that the airmen previously served with the Royal Navy and then subsequently the Royal Naval Air Service, before transferring to the RAF.

Records of RAF airmen who served after 1939, and of men whose service numbers were above 562875 are still with the RAF. Look on the GOV.UK website to find out how to obtain service records.


Nothing that indicates a two-letter prefix and one letter at the end.

I just checked my uncle who was in RAF in WWII. His service number was just plain 6 digits - 40.... Don't want to identify him at the moment.