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Ralph and Ellen Hutchinson -Census help needed

I have just found out the names of my g grandparents with the help of this forum. But now I need to find out the next generation. In 1893, Ralph and Ellen Hutchinson were living in Hindley Lancashire where my grandfather's birth was registered. My ggrandmother's name was Ellen Glover. I want to find out who her parents were and also the parents of my ggrandfather, Ralph. So I need a census look up for them in and around Hindley in 1891 or possibly even on an earlier census. I think Ralph's parents may have been George and Alice Hutchinson...but that is just a guess at this point. Any help is appreciated. :) I
Re: Census help needed


The 1881 in Hindley has
Alice HUTCHINSON Head W Female 51 Hindley, Lancashire, England Housekeeper
James GOSS Son W Male 29 Hindley, Lancashire, England Coal Miner
Sarah HUTCHINSON Daur U Female 26 Hindley, Lancashire, England Rover In Cotton Mill
George HUTCHINSON Son U Male 18 Hindley, Lancashire, England Collier ((Coal Mine))
Ann HUTCHINSON Daur U Female 16 Hindley, Lancashire, England Rover In Cotton Mill
Ralph HUTCHINSON Son Male 15 Hindley, Lancashire, England Coal Miner
Mary E. HUTCHINSON Daur Female 12 Hindley, Lancashire, England Rover In Cotton Mill
Eliza HUTCHINSON G Daur Female 10 Hindley, Lancashire, England Rover In Cotton Mill
Allic A. HUTCHINSON G Daur Female 8 Hindley, Lancashire, England Scholar
Peter HUTCHINSON G Son Male 7 Hindley, Lancashire, England Scholar
George HUTCHINSON G Son Male 5 Hindley, Lancashire, England Scholar
Amelia RILEY Boarder M Female 28 Hindley, Lancashire, England Power Loom Cotton Mill
Elizth.A. HUTCHINSON G Daur Female 12 m Hindley, Lancashire, England

I see that FreeBMD ( http://www.freebmd.org.uk ) has a marriage for Ralph Hutchinson & Ellen Glover in the June 1891 qtr in Wigan (which includes Hindley). There are two other names on that page but it's safe bet that this is the one you want. The marriage cert will give you the names of both fathers. THe GRO reference for ordering a certificate will be

District Wigan
Volume 8c
Page 28

It'll cost £7 and take about 3-4 weeks to come through. The site is http://www.gro.gov.uk/gro/content/


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