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Ran off with another woman??

Newport Pagnell
Hi guys,

I've come to a bit of a dead end in my family tree and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. There was a Great Great uncle of mine who had an affair and ran off with another woman. I have both their names and previous addresses but how would I go about tracking down where they moved to? Is there any way of finding out where new inhabitants were originally from or something of the like? Any ideas would be helpful!


Shelley :p
Hi Shelley,

What years are we looking at? Have you tried tracing them in the census if 1901 and b/4, have you tried the bmd to see if they married or when they died? If its later what about telephone books, electoral registers. By your post it sounds as if its after 1901.

I've done what I can regarding the BMD online. I'm going to the record office in London soon but wanted to find out as much as I can before then. He (Frederick Fowler) was married to his first wife in 1909 in Bedfordshire and ran off with this other woman around 1930ish, when he was about 44. She was also married and there's no record of him in death records in Bedfordshire from what I can tell. Unfortunately I only have her surname, Loss, which isn't extremely helpful. Is there a good trial-and-error way of tackling this situation? Is there somewhere I can check marriages with BOTH names present, rather than just one at a time, without buying the all the marriage certificates with just his name on?? They could have changed their names or anything. Maybe there's some way of finding out where new inhabitants came from?

No, I don't think they married. Unless they changed their names first. He never divorced his first wife and I can't find either of them on the marriage records. I guess we'll never know! :'(

Thanks for helping, though :)
Maybe they had children. You might find a child registered under his surname and with "Loss" as the Mother's name. Not sure where you would this info is held online for such a late date but BMD have that information upto around 1917 at the moment and catching up.