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Re: Introduction

nongkhai thailand
Re: Introduction

Hello everybody My name is Len I was born in London was in the army 4years then in the Merchant navy then worked as a telefonist in Faraday House ,married and lived in Spain 30 yrs now living in Thailand with wife and 2 kids age 3and 4 yeaaars been researching famil history 4years Names:- Piggin Martin Murphy King Snook Tungate Temple.Len Piggin
Re: Introduction

Hello ,
Welcome to the F.H.U.K family.
You will find all our members very friendly
And helpful here, our aim is to help you with
Your quest to research your family history.
All you need to do is, post your questions, along
With whatever information you already have,
In the appropriate forum, and our intrepid
Members will try and find those illusive answers.
We at F.H.U.K wish you every success in your quest for knowledge into your family’s past

Best regards sterico O0 helpusall