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Re: Joseph Growden

Re: Joseph Growden

I'm looking for death details of Joseph Growden b 1804 in St.Neot, Cornwall. I couldn't find anything in the Deaths section of the BMD. There are other Joseph Growdens, his father for instance died in 1850 at the age of 77 the other Growdens are also relatives of mine. If he was to have emigrated and didn't reach his destination, because he died on board ship, how would I find out. The only info I have on him is from the 1841 census. His last child (my g grandmother) was born in 1842, I couldn't find him in the 1851 census, only his wife calling herself a widow - so he must have gone missing or died between 1841 & 1850.

Hope someone can give me some advice.

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Re: Joseph Growden

Hi Jan,

I don't think he dies or disappears in that time, although it looks as though he isnt on the 1851 census...

I think I have found him and wife Florence on the 1861 census:
Emma Jane Growden 13
Florance Growden 69
Joseph Growden 67

On the 1851 census, Florence is listed as a charwoman aged 57, but married? in Bodmin.

In 1871, they are living with daughter Mary Tucker and her family
Florence Growden 79
Joseph Growden 78
Elizabeth A Tucker 16
Emily Tucker 6 months
Florence J Tucker 13
John Tucker 15
Mary Tucker 6
Mary A Tucker 36
William Tucker 30
still in Bodmin.

Is this the same family, or have I got the wrong end of the stick?

This Joseph Growden dies in 1879 and his wife Florence in 1874.

Something for you to investigate anyway....

Re: Joseph Growden

Hi Hawkeye,

Thank you very much for taking the trouble to help me out, but I'm afraid that the Joseph Growden you found living with wife Florence is the wrong Joseph. My Joseph married Jenefer Keast Barnicoat and the only census I have for them together is from the 1841 census. I found his wife, or late wife in the 1851 census. She remarried shortly after this to an Edward Laves and died in 1853.

Re: Joseph Growden

Having only just found this website, my reply is rather late!

However, Joseph Growden died in 1845.

According to the Cornish OPC website, he was living at Two Waters Foot which is the same residence where the family was living when youngest child Louisa was christened in 1842.

When Jenefer married Edward (19th July 1853) she was recorded as Jane Growden - probably a misheard Jen.

She then died in 1855.

I hope that helps.