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Re Margaret Kavanagh 1802 Hercules


Margaret Kavanagh, my 2X gt grandmother, left a paper trail. Following her arrival on Hercules in 1802 find her in the Convict and Settler Musters and Census records from 1806, 1811, 1814, 1822, 1824/25/26 to 1828. She is shown living with William Regan/Ragan/Rhaghan/Radon, born Cork Ireland and transported for 7 years from London on Hillsborough in 1797-98. Bearing in mind that few Irish Catholics would get married in a Protestant church it is not until the World Heritage Census of 1828 that Margaret is shown as Margaret Regan, wife of William Regan. After the official sanctioned arrival of a Catholic priest in 1821, Father J J Therry, it would be expected that he 'regularised,' any baptisms or marriages as was the Catholic way. Despite this early adherence to the 'faith,' many of the descendants were Protestants.
The Regan couple had three children: William B 1805, John B Hawkesbury 1810 (my line) and Margaret B 1815. No baptisms for the reason above. By 1826 William Margaret and John Regan were employed at Lansdowne House, Goulburn, by Jonas Bradley (1828 Census). William Regan junior was at Sutton Forest with his wife, Harriet Mary Stalker and family. Daughter Margaret Regan married Bradley's clerk, William Storrier, at Mittagong in 1832. The celebrant was Rev J J Therry.
Years ago there was an intact headstone in Mortis Street Cemetery, Goulburn, for William & Margaret Regan and Margaret Storrier. It is no longer intact and is believed to be in several pieces leaning against a fence.
What county in Ireland did Margaret come from?

Other records have Margaret arriving per 'Atlas' in 1802.

William Storier
Age: 30
Spouse: Margt Regan
Request Status: Granted
Date of Permission/Refusal: 8 Dec 1831

PSC Register of convict applications to marry 1826-1833, 4/4508, p.186, AONSW Fiche 781
351 / William STORIER, aged 30, per "Henry"(1), 14 years, TL / Margaret REGAN, aged 16, born in Colony / clergyman: John LAYTON, Sutton Forest / permission granted 05.12.1831

William Storier 'Henry' 1 Age 30; Sentence 14 yrs; Condition - Ticket of Leave. Margaret Regan Age 16; Born in Colony. 8 Dec 1831 Mr J. Layton Sutton Forest NRS 12212 [4/4508; Fiche 780]

Marriage V18321122 16/1832 STORIER WILLIAM - REGAN MARGARET CV= CofE Sutton Forest (Co. Camden)

Page 9
Marriages solemnized in the Parish of Sutton Forest in the County of - in the Year 1832
No. 33
William Storier of the Parish of Goulburn Plains
Margt. Regan of the Parish Mitagong
Married in this Chapel by Banns with consent of His Excy. The Governor
Fifth day of January 1832 By me Thomas Hassall Chaplain
Parties signed: William Storrier, Margaret (her x mark) Regan
Witnesses: John (his x mark) Regan of Mitagong, Elizabeth Waite of Sutton Forest
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Yes sorry Margaret and William Storrier were married by Hassell. I was writing from memory. I will check all my copies of the Musters later today and transcribe them. The spelling of her name varies according to the transcriber's grasp of spelling.
State Records NSW Fiche 630, p061 ship Hercules: Margaret Kavanagh from City of Limerick, Dublin. Tried 1800 at Meath, 7 years. Ship sailed 29 Nov 1801 Ireland. Arrived 26 June 1802 Sydney NSW. But sometimes she gave Atlas as her ship!
Maybe the ship sailed from Dublin Ireland ? Margaret only has Atlas given as her ship of arrival once, in 1828 Census. Am having big computer issues today so need to get a Tech head asap.
Dave, part of the Muster records for NSW showing Margaret Kavanagh and William Regan.
1805-6 Muster; Source Baxter, Carol J. Musters of New South Wales and Norfolk Island, 1805-1806, Sydney Australian Biographical Genealogical Register, 1989. Ref AO973, p27, Aug 1806 Margaret Cavanagh, (ship) Hercules, (current status) Prisoner; Ticket of Leave; (whom lives with) William Ragan.
In same volume Samuel Marsden's Female Muster 1806 start p 146. Ref CO202, page 154, Margaret Cavenar (ship) Hercules, (status) concubine, one natural male child.
1805-6 Muster; Ref A3628, p87, William Ragan, (Status) single, (ship) Hillsborough, FBS, (employed) self, carpenter.

1811 Muster; Source Baxter, Carol J. General Muster of NSW, Norfolk Island and Van Diemen's Land,1811. Sydney ABGR, 1987.
Feb. Ref 0980, p 22, Mary Cavannagh, (ship) Hercules, (when convicted) Aug 1800 (where convicted) Trim (sentence) 7 years (current status) convict.
1811 Muster; Ref 4889 p 106, NSW William Regan (ship) Hillsborough, (when convicted) Jan 1798 (Where convicted) Old Bailey (sentence) 7 years, (remarks)----

1814 Muster; Source Baxter, Carol J. General Muster of NSW, 1814. Sydney: ABGR,1987. Oct, Parramatta, Ref 2977 p68, Margaret Kavanagh (ship) Hercules, (status) free (stores) off (remarks) lives with W Rogan, 2 children, off stores.
1814 Muster; Ref1914, p44. William Rogan (ship) Hillsborough (status) free (stores) off (remarks) carpenter
Baxter, Carol J. General Muster and land and Stock Muster of NSW, 1822. Syd. ABGR, 1988. NB scroll down page for Margaret Regan
Ref AO 3569, p.84 Margaret Cavenny (status) FBS (sentence) 7 years (Employed by) J Dixon Liverpool
Ref A17692 p 401 Rhagan William (status) FBS (Employed By) Mr Hassell Liverpool

Ref A17693 '' Rhagan (age) 11 BC child of Wm Rhagan Liverpool
Ref A17694 '' Rhagan (age) 7 BC child of Wm Rhagan Liverpool
Ref A 17695 " Rhagan William BC (Employed by) Mr Hassell Liverpool

Baxter, Carol J. General Muster List of NSW, 1823,1824,1825. Sydney:ABGR,1999
Ref 37278 p 472 Ragan William (age) - ( Status) FBS (Ship) Hillsborough (year) 1799 (Col.Sentence) 7 (occupation /where) Employed by Mr Bailey Bringelly.
Ref 37277 p" Ragan William BC Employed by Mr Bailey Bringelly
Ref 37279 p" Ragan John 15 BC child of Wm Ragan Bringelly
Ref 37280 p" Ragan Margaret 11 BC child of Wm Ragan Bringelly
Ref 37294 p 472 Ragan Mary BC child of Wm Ragan Jnr Bringelly
Ref 37301 p " Ragan Harriett (status) C (Ship) Mary Ann (year) 1823 (Col sentence) 14 wife of Wm Ragan Jnr Bringelly
Ref 15242 p 92 Cavanagh Margaret (status) FB (Ship) Hercules (year) 1801 (Col. sentence) 7 Wife of William Rogan Bringelly
Inching closer to Goulburn, and working for big landholders who may have recommended the Regans to Bradley, in Goulburn. First time Margaret called wife of William Regan. Rev J J Therry in colony from 1821.