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Re Mary Degan possible line-of-lineage

Scratch And Patch

Well-known member
Mary's parents were Joseph Degan b. est 1800 Quebec, Canada & her mother was Adelaide Tiho ( Tetro - Tetreau ) dit Ducharme. I have a marriage license for these 2 people stating they were married in 1826.
Joseph Degan was a French Canadian Fur Trader &/ or Courier for the Hudson Bay Company in Rupert's Land which is the drainage area for James Bay that I talked about in my 1st post, Mary Degan.
I have a problem though, I have 2 different ways to go with this lineage, which goes in different places. Please let me explain... On a marriage license I have Jean Baptiste Deganne 1784 listed as father for Joseph Degan...

1st Joseph Degan est 1800 father was Jean Baptist Deganne b. 26th Jan
1784 Sault-au-Re'collet, Quebec - d. ? His wife was Louise Huneau the mother for Joseph. Jean's father was Jean Baptiste Deganne b.25th Dec 1753
Quebec - d. 1837. He was married to Louise Luineau b. 1753 & they married on 29th Apr 1783, Quebec. Jean's father was Joseph Francois Deganne b. 1728 26th Apr - d. 3 Jul 1788 Quebec. His wife was Marie Catherine Fontaine. Joseph's father was Francois Deganne b. 1697 possibly born Normandie, France - d. 27th Jan 1757 Chambly, Quebec. He was married to Marie Josephe Bourths b. 21 Aug 1699 Boucherville, Quebec - d. 1 Jul 1742 Longueuil, Quebec. They were married 26 Nov 1725 Boucherville, Quebec. I have possible parents for Francois Germain Gane & Marie Valet - d. 1697 possibly of Normandie, France. I also have possible parents for Germain Jean Gueneau father & Reine Lamy mother.

Now for me this is confusing, I also have this info...
Jean Baptist Deganne b. 25 Dec 1753 - d. 1837 ( same ) father Joseph Louise Deganne b. 29 Mar 1704 Annapolis, Port Royal, Nova Scotia
( also found in New Brunswick ) - d. 3 Jul 1788 Montreal. His wife was Marie Catherine Menard. Joseph's parents were Louise Francis Degannes b. 6 Aug 1664-66 Parish Oswego, New York - d. 27 Feb 1713 Rochefort, Rouen, Normandie, France. He was married to Marguerite LeNeuf deLaValliere b. 30
Jun 1680 Beaubassin, New Brunswick, Canada- d. 25 Apr 1760 Troix Riviers, Quebec. Louis Francis parents were Louis Degannes b. 1620 Rennes, Ill-et-Villaine, Bretagne, France - d. 25 Nov 1684 Poizay, Vienne, Poitou-Charentes, France. Married to Marie Francois Leboy b. 1629 Lot-et-Garonne, Aquitaine, France - d. 11 Feb 1689 Poizay, Le Joli, France.

If either of these 2 leads can be confirmed as Mary Degan's line-of-lineage, this would be a major break through for my family tree!!!!!!

Yours Truly

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