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Re: Offers of help


Laidley Heights Qld
Stanley Edward CARLING

I'm very new to this type of thing and to the site. I'm getting on in years and becoming concerned that my grandchildren know nothing about my father/grandfather. I have tried all manner of sites to find even a glimpse of my parents but no joy. So I'm throwing myself upon your good selves to find some help. To start with I wish to find any records of my father, Stanley Edward CARLING born 1902 in Hove. If I can find anything with regards to him I may be able to go further. Thanks for any help you can give me.
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Re: Offers of help

Hi Carlo,

I had this initial problem when I first started! Its quite hard to get information for ancestors that were not in a census and were born after 1901.

It would be easier to live locally to the area, I know you live in Australia, so this would be bit harder, as I would first get his Birth certificate first (have you got one?) - if not apply for his birth certificate and this will give you his parents full names together with all the details (to help you go back further - plus give your mothers maiden name).

You could then, (if local) look at the Voting Registers at the East Sussex Record office or Brighton & Hove Register Office.

For more information about Brighton-Hove go here
As you live some way away from here, the local Sussex Family History Groupwho may be able to help you directly.

Let us know if we can help any further and let us know how you get on!
Other FHUK members may be able to help and may even live locally to Hove or have access to databases to help you.

Re: Offers of help

sorry my mate but more bad news some one has given you wrong info i went through the 1902 bmd records there was no birth for an stanley edward carling in 1902
Re: Offers of help

I'm sorry to say I have nothing in relation to my fathers "life". I have my birth cert and a very cryptic mention of his service in the Royal Navy, at least I think this is the same S.E.Carling. Stanley Edward Carling, service number J73152, POB Hove Sussex 10th March 1902. Apart from that I have drawn a blank. But thanks to everyone for the help, its nice to know that there are stil people across the water that are willing to help.
Re: Offers of help

Hi Carlo, Found a Stanley Carlin born 1906, dist Mansfield county Nottinghamshire. Found this one as well Stanley Edward Colvin born 1906 Oct-Dec 1/4 dist Hastings, county Sussex, vol 2b page 32. Did he live in England or Australia, as I've found the death for Stanley Edward Colvin year 1988 age 79.

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Re: Offers of help

Hi Carlo
Are you sure that he was born in 1902? If you have a serivce record which gives a number and date for the RN then he could have been born before that. Try and get his service record - you already have his number and see if there is not a reference to his DOB. Attestation papers would also have a lot of info
Re: Offers of help

Hi Carlo

Here is his service record reference on the Archives so he could not have been born in 1902 as he was already in the navy then. You can get this info on the link under seamans records


Description Name Carling, Stanley Edward
Official Number: J73152
Place of Birth: Hove, Sussex

Date 10 March 1902
Catalogue reference ADM 188/793
Dept Records of the Admiralty, Naval Forces, Royal Marines, Coastguard, and related bodies
Series Admiralty: Royal Navy Registers of Seamen's Services
Piece 73001-73500
Image contains 1 item for the catalogue reference
Re: Offers of help

Many thanks for all your help. If I want to go the whole hog and find out any information about my family I will have to cough up a cool $1000,but at the moment thats out of the question, I'll have to put on my beggers suit and do the rounds of the pubs, only joking. But as has been said the 1902 date may well be the date he joined, if that is the same SEC. I seem to remember that my father was a couple of years younger than my mother and she was born in 1900 so I hit on the date 1902. Once again many thanks for all your efforts I will keep trying. I have my birth cert so I will start from there.
Re: Offers of help

Hi Carlo - I think you may have misunderstood - you can order a copy of that service record yourself from the National Archives in the UK and they will post it to you.

As izabel has provided all the references you need, there will be no search fee to find and if you go online to the link given by Izabel above, they will give you a quote for providing the copy first - before you have to pay anything - so you won't be committed up to that point, then you can pay online.

It only cost me £2.90 inc. postage for a copy of my g.g.father's army discharge paper - so it should only be a bit extra for overseas postage.

Post a response here if you are finding the online forms confusing.

Good luck!

Re: Offers of help


I am interested in the name MITCHELL have you any connection to Blanche Eileen Mitchell , her father was John Mitchell
Do you have any links to their names?

If so please contact me, thank you
Re: Offers of help

Good Evening to All,
I have just joined so please forgive me if I am posting on the wrong board.
I need help and badly.

I am looking for information on Frederick Williams, (his parents, place of birth death etc.) This is what I have so far:
Born about 1840, from Wales Ex Serviceman-Gunner, Police sergeant (Central Police Province). He was married to Alice Barricliffe, daughter of Regt Apothecary (birth, death etc) They had 15 children - one of them being my grandfather, Harold Williams (known as George Henry) was born 7 Sept 1886 in Wardha, India. He married my grandmother Evelyn Adelaide Quarman born 17 Sept 1892.

If there is anyone who lives near a LDS Family Centre and is willing to help looking up info - I can supply with lots of references, CD Nºs etc - I would be most grateful.
Thank you for your precious time and for reading this.
Best regards
Re: Offers of help

hi dont know if its any help but i found a stanley edward carling born in 1902 in Hove............carlo can u private message me plz?
Re: Offers of help

Some recommended sites for you to check out:

Just want to point out that www.freebmd.org.uk is Births, Marriages & Deaths only; for Baptisms, Marriages (in Church) & Burials, try http://freereg.rootsweb.com where coverage is improving by leaps & bounds. Another useful FOC site is www.freecen.org.uk but only 1841 – 1891 and the range of Districts very limited as yet.

Each of these sites is transcribed by volunteers which, I feel, makes for greater accuracy than data transcribed purely for commercial reasons. Updates take place at approximately monthly intervals so checking frequently pays dividends.

If you do strike lucky you should find that, like www.freebmd.org.uk, www.freecen.org.uk is much easier to use & much more reliable than Ancestry and both have access to free images into the bargain!

As you appear to have your Father’s birth date, you should be able to get the full reference from www.freebmd.org.uk or, if absolutely necessary, http://ancestrylibrary.proquest.com. This in turn will allow you to order a Birth Certificate direct from the General Register Office on www.gro.gov.uk/gro/content/order_ce...birth--marriage--and--death--certificates.asp (sorry about the long URL but it WILL take you straight to the correct section). Online fee with GRO index reference supplied £7.00 sterling, Postal fee with GRO index reference supplied £8.50 sterling; there may be an additional charge for overseas postage.

(Fees correct as at Wednesday 4 February 2009)

Do let us know how you get on - Good Luck!

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