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really new newbie


New member
hi hello
hope you are all well
martin Buckless from Staffordshire uk,
Really early days for me im afraid , gathering info and sorting, trying to see where it fits into the right place, One of the reasons im searching is, my surname got changed two or three generations ago and i don't know why, a mystery i hope i can find out why one man changed it to the name i carry now.i can see its going to be a loooong process, hopefuly illmbe able to pick up a few tips along the way.
im rambling now, have a good evening.
Perhaps as you go further back you will find out on a census name of wife and ages .so perhaps a marriage will be found with his Surname.Best of Luck,enjoy the hunt .
Hello and welcome to the Forum.

Please have a look around the forums and then post your queries in the most appropriate ones and someone will try to answer them.

Good luck with your research.