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Recording an Illegitimate Relationship

What is the recommended method of recording the details of the putative father of a child born to a mother who is married to the father of her other children?
I use FTM 2019 and, as with all other FTM versions, it is configured such that children are recorded as born to a married partnership.
I wish to record an instance where an unmarried man has possibly had a relationship with a married woman which produces a child and the woman has 2 older children by her existing live husband.
I have entered the family details of the putative father as independent of the main family tree, but I wish to provide an explanatory link to the mother and to the illegitimate child. One could record the putative father as a second spouse, but this would be misleading to other observers.
One could merely enter notes in the 'fact' fields of the 3 individuals, but I enquire whether there is a more formal and structured routine to show this relationship.

Any suggestion would be gratefully received.


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