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Records missing from FamilySearch/IGI

Hello again.

In a different thread, benny1982 said "some of the IGI records have vanished" and I realised I am seeing the same thing. Many years ago I noted particular results from IGI searches, but if I look for them again now, they are not found.

What is going on?

Glad it is not just me. They have ruined that site. Some may defend the site saying it is easier to search for people, that may be so, such as you can add just one parent names but you get lots of garbled results, you type in a certain parish and the results are dropped in to results of other parishes in the same county, and records seem to have disappeared.
I thought it might be my failing memory. You know the scenario - you're sure you once found someone on fs but when you go back to check they are not there, therefore you must have imagined it.

Every time any of the sites (free or subscription) upgrades things usually take a turn for the worse. I'm a great believer in 'if it ain't broke don't fix it' so why these sites need to upgrade when they are working perfectly I just don't know. Why can't they leave well alone.

We have rightfully moaned before about this. That is probably why we get totally irrelevant results and missing entries you knew were there before. If you type an exact match you get hardly anything yet if you do a general search on surnames and first names even if you state a county or parish, it still throws up thousands of results, or one correct parent name but the other not, or initials.


type in John Hamilton, parents names George and Sarah in Sussex, you get results like this:-

J Hamilton, father G. And nothing else, no location etc.