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Reeders in South Africa

I already have 3 Dutch trees that aren't linked to each other, an Australian and UK one. There are links to South Africa and there is distant family there. I tried contacting some of them on facebook without success. I have plenty of names marriages mainly, but I have no data on how they're linked together. It starts with a Dutch couple Jacobus Johannes Reeders (1802-1886) x Alberta Adriana Gravendaal. They had 3 sons: Jacobus A. (1832-1887) x Susanna Johanna Marnitz (1834-1888), Cornelis Johannes (1844-1987) x Joanna Carlona S. Bergh (1855-1930), Hendrik (1840-1908) x Maria Bergh? (1834-1925). Cornelis had lots of kids: jakobus (1875-1907), Albertha (1877-1907), Jacona Andriette (1879), Maria Magdelena (1881-1937) x mr. Moyle, Eva Maria (1884-1950), Oeloff Marthinus (1886-1950), Joanna Elizabeth (1893-1957). The rest is not properly linked.

Any descendents of these people please enlighten me in the next generations.