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Reeders in the USA

For a fact I have one distant family member in the USA that has roots in the UK back to Australia back to the Netherlands. Distant family members are also in South Africa and there are colored people with my surname in the USA as well. I wonder if their ancesters were given that name by the South African slave owners.

It also brings me to the dilemma if I should put them into my familiy trees or not since they are not blood related. But that can also be the same for me as I was adopted. You could say the ancesters were also adopted.

Now in the UK it is a different matter. The census of 1901 changed Reeder into Reeders. These are totally unrelated. In Germany Reders might have changed into Reeders as that was the old Dutch spelling and lots of people couldn't read nor write.

There's also Reeder's Alley in the USA made by Louis Reeder. Totally unrelated as well.

Then there is a rare case of a martial artist named Willem A. Reeders (1917-1990) that died in Alberqueque. I can't confirm his heritage:

Karel Lodewyck x Hap Kiem :
Christine Lodewyck x Charles M. Reeders :
- Adriana Engelina Reeders (1914-1974) Groningen
related to Th. Reeders?
- Willem A. Reeders (1917-1990)
- - Marlyn A Reeders daughter?

You find him on youtube as well as he fought in Indonesia where he lived with his mother. Apparently he was taught by a shaolin monk. The real information of the parents and grandparents might not be known to him or fabricated as he told that Karel was related William of Orange and Hap was a Chinese princess.

If you're an American with my surname let me know.
Hello Frank

A word about name spelling. It is possible all these Reeders (however it is spelt) are all related or at least share some DNA.
Standardized spelling didn't happen in the UK until the 19th century, so people in the same family often found their names spelt several different ways over the years. When researching it often helps to keep this in mind.
As for your tree, I would have thought only the people you know to be family would need to be on it, but you can put on whomever you want to add, it's your tree.

Hoep this helps

That might be true, but I need facts and I'll start with what I already have. One large tree and 2 smaller ones in Netherlands which I couldn't link with the big one.

The distant USA relative has confirmed roots as I have been in contact with him and his Australian uncle. As he gave me a 1987 family reunion booklet, his Dutch ancestry has been improved greatly and the big tree widened.

If anyone with a surname similar to mine that has a tree that could be linked, I would love to have a look at it. My oldest relative dates back from 1728. I do have some lose data that could either be mine or theirs.