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Regimental Burial Records

New Zealand

I hope that someone maybe able to help with the following: My 3 x Great Grandfather Pte Edmund (Edmond) Townsend, Reg 564, of the 52nd Regiment of Foot was relocated from Barbados in 1842 to Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. Shortly after arriving he died (16th June 1842). I cannot find any documents relating to his burial. I have his death confirmed through a Return of Non Commissioned Officers (WO12/6272), but no actual burial mentioned. I have been in touch with various organisations in Fredericton without much success. The "Old Burial Ground Cemetery" which is located in the centre of Fredericton does have a "Cairn Memorial" dedicated to those soldiers who served and died there, but does't contain any names. The cemetery has been documented fully with all of the existing headstones and inscriptions, but none of those soldiers buried there have any headstones (which is understandable). The cemetery is held in high regard concerning past history and this is celebrated each year. But there are no lists of the soldiers burials. I have also been going through the process of getting local churches to look through their burial registers just in case he appears there. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions. Even though the Regiments were "government run" from England, my thoughts would be that there would be some sort of documentation left in Canada. Many thanks and I look forward to any suggestions.
Hi. My initial thought is the Regimental Museum that may have information on the 52nd which is the Oxfordshire Regiment. This regiment has a lot of history but with the never-ending mergers since the 60's, I'd have to find which museum they could be now in. I presume you've googled '52nd of foot' and found the history. If I find anything out over the next few days I'll be back, but being the Bank Holiday, I'll not get very far.

Hi Brian
Thanks for your reply. The 52nd Regiment went from Barbados in 1842 arriving in Canada at the beginning of June 1842. Think that the Battalion was split in three, so they were well distributed around Canada. My thoughts have been all along that there should be some sort of burial record whether held via Parish Register and or the Regiment itself and even a copy held by the Canadian Government (archives). Are waiting on a reply from the Canadian Archives but that is still some weeks away. At present there just doesn't seem to be a burial register of the "Old Burial Ground Cemetery" in Fredericton either, which also would detail what I'm after.