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Relations involved in Emergency Grouping


Dear All,

I am hoping someone can explain this to me. I am looking into the history of a local family run business, Hopsons. I have read an article, note this is UK, about a meeting in my local area to form a group using the lorries of Hopsons. I am not sure yet if Hopson drove the vehicle(s) or if it was an employee, the latter I suspect. Anyway the article noted the groups were being formed as part of the Ministry of Transport Emergency Grouping Instructions. I was wondering if anyone could tell me, or point me to, information about this? It is obviously a preaction in the event that war broke out (article was March 1939), but would like to know more about it.

I have found a newspaper article on it but it doesnt mention Hopsons.

Use Of Goods Vehicles In Emergency.
The Times (London, England), Tuesday, May 16, 1939
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Hi Gibbo,

Thank you for that, that is exactly what I needed. It wont mention Hopsons, Hopson was our local furniture dealer, so won't have been mentioned in the article. In the article I have from our local paper it just mentioned the scheme name but no details, so with that clip you sent, now it all fits together.

You are a star.
Thank you,