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Relatives of Elsie Maud Burge/Nickerson/Dougherty

Hi all,
I'm hoping that someone may have come across my Great Aunt Elsie Maud Burge b.1889 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England or some of her relations, or information about them.
She crossed into the US at Port of Winnipeg in 1914 with her destination stated as Fort Fairfield, Maine.
I have found her marriage to William H Nickerson in Fort Fairchild, 1915 and she appeared in the 1920 US census as divorced. In 1921 she married John R Dougherty in Fort Fairchild and died in 1961. She apparently had children as I have some photos of her and her grandsons Edwin and Charles in 1960.
Any guidance would be appreciated.
Many thanks
Hi Julie,
Thanks for your replies. I've got her in the English censuses up to and including 1911 where she was a domestic servant in Plymouth. With no record of marriage or death in UK and the family rumour of her emigrating I started looking and found her at the border crossing in Winnipeg.
I have emailed the librarian in Fort Fairfield and hopefully may get further info there.
Thank you very much for your time and effort.
Hi Leefer,
I've looked at Walter Percy and Elsie Maud of Southampton before, briefly. I have'nt found any connection into my lot so far, but thanks for the link.
It looks like my Elsie had a son Ralph born in 1916, by her first husband.
He is resident with Elsie in the 1920 and 1930 censuses, and married in 1939, so I'm following his trial at the moment.