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Research brick wall - "father unknown" on documents. Please help!

Hello all!
I wonder if anyone can offer advice or help point me in the right direction please? I’ve been trying to trace my Gt Grandfathers biological parents for a while without much luck. On all records relating to him his father is listed as “unknown” His name was Robert William Ruffell and he was born in a workhouse in Islington, North London on 19th Feb 1882 to an Alice Eliza Ruffell born approx 1857. (I now believe Ruffell is her maiden name and on some records is also listed as just Alice Ruffell)
She is listed as being a servant to the Conquest family in Islington on the 1881 census and her admission to the Islington workhouse states she was brought in by the master and “in labour” for the reason. After a year another workhouse record states Robert William Ruffell was discharged at “mothers own request” although I'm not sure what happened to him after this, as there’s no record of him until he marries my great grandmother and they have a family of their own. Im also having trouble finding his Mum after this time too.

My questions are - will it be possible for me to ever find out who his biological father is if "father unknown" is written on all the documents?
Also, would there not have been a stigma attached to not listing a fathers name in 1882? What could be the reasons for this? Would it have been commonplace to make a name up instead? Perhaps not, but thought leaving it blank would be quite the scandal!

My Mum’s done a DNA test with Ancestry, but frustratingly a high proportion of people she matches with have not completed a tree and use a username instead of real name so it's difficult to work out from what lines they're are related. She also doesn’t have many high CM matches which makes the task more troublesome!
Any advice or pointers from fellow detectives would be greatly appreciated. I hope I can solve the mystery one day! Jen

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