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Research Help for Ancestor

I have been trying to research my ancestors involvement in WW1 and although I have been able to find information on his brother I have not been able to find anything on my ancestor. If someone could possibly help I would be very grateful.

The ancestor I'm struggling with is Charles Henry Dillon, he was born in 1886 in Manchester and he survived the war.

If it's any help his brother Sydney/Sidney was a Private in the Lancashire Fusiliers.
There is a C H Dillon on the Roll of Honour for Thrutchley & Co Ltd of Manchester - company rolls generally include all men who left to sign up, not just casualties as on war memorials.

on ebay for £4.99 you can by the CD of "Genealogy Directory of Manchester City Battalions" Thutchley's roll of honour is mentioned in this but I don't know what details there are about individuals. It may be worth purchasing.

Good luck !
Thank you very much for the help, I'd not thought to look at companies records for WW1 research. Whereabouts was the Roll of Honour for Thrutchley & Co Ltd of Manchester?
I searched FMP under Military, Armed Forces & Conflict and found a C H Dillon is mentioned in the Manchester Employers Roll of Honour (which is a whole book, including photos)
The image on FMP is just of the book index and lists a dozen or so men who had worked for Thrutchley & Co. It also says "see P702 in Roll of Honour" so hopefully the CD will have full details from the book and there will be more about the men from Thrutchley's.
I hope "C H" turns out to be the man you want! Good Luck

PS I found details of the CD on eBay just by Googling "Thrutchley & Co Manchester"