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Wilmington, North Carolina
United States
I guide and do research at two plantations here in Wilmington. one plantation was a peanut plantation and is having an event to mark 30 years as a musuem. So I have been doing research on the history of the plantation fron 1729 until now. So if anyone wants info on growing peanuts, making salt, having bee hives, steam engine 1850sh, slavery, slave codes, slave patrols, tenant farming, blacksmith, grain mill, saw mill, plank roads, civil war in area, revolutionary war in area, serving in both wars, land deeds, slave deeds, land tax rolls, and families in area. I have been told I can only talk between 20 and 40 minutes per subject. i can go for days and weeks :eek:
Been able to do some of my family while doing their's. Have been able to build a list of data bases and now in contact with Public History North Carolina with contacts to other musuems and colleges. It is going to take years to sort out all the info i have gathered.:cool:
The amout of info around, I have only scratch the surface. Because of my research I have been asked to Public History Conferences, this gives contacts all over the country. do not know if there are such groups in UK, but if you can get in it will a great number of sources that members of public usually can not get too.