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Researching - Your Names

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Hi folks, UPDATED October 2008
I have mentioned a few times about editing and updating your own profile on the User CP.
You may of noticed that we have added a section in your profile to add your very own names you are researching as follows:
Please add the names you are currently researching or any Wanted Names. At least add your grandparents surnames.
This will be added to your profile & signature.
Please add as follows (But add your own!):
Hallam, Wilson, Harris, Crowder, Lane, Crisp, Naylor, Downs
Can everyone update their profiles as such (not forgetting their birthdays - Don't worry they will not be show if you don't want to!).

You will ALSO need to add a User Signature, enabling your Wanted Names to show. So please add your signaturehttp://www.forum.familyhistory.uk.com/profile.php?do=editsignature

A great benefit of this is that the search engines (who are regularly trolling the FHUK website) will index all of your names easily.

If anyone has problems or to discuss this please go here

Cheers all,
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