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Researching - Your Names

Researching - Your Names Poll

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Nottingham, England.
Please discuss the Researching - Your Names post

Can you also vote on this new addition above - thanks.

Also Lets have a long list of Names you are all researching - so we can get those Search Engine bots indexing them all for us! You could also add the areas of your research.

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well ok i have 5 surnames i am researching they are GEVAUX,GEVAUX-ROSS(both linked together),HARPER,NEALE,WHITE & JACKSON if anyone can help here i'd be greatfull
Personally, it isn't my cup of tea and would rather not have to put my name interests on but I can see why it would be considered a good idea. :)
Yes I think it is a great idea. The names I am researching are Brown :eek: Storey.Twizell,Fenwick & beattie from Northumberland. Kelly :eek: Mcguire and Kinsella from Ireland. Parkinson from Lincs :)
Seems a very good idea to me, its always best to get the Surnames in the title of the thread so that others can home in on the ones that are of interest to them.
I'm looking for: Rosser pre 1840 in London, Henderson pre 1750 in East Lothian, Sheen pre 1808 in Cork, Eire, Ritchie in London pre 1826, as well as Harper, Barton, Smith, Horth, Page, Chapman, Dunhill and Powers.
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Hi i am looking for the birth,parents and marriage of
Thomas Chapman born 1841 Willesden Middlesex.
I have got some info from the 1871 census where Thomas is with his wife Elizabeth surname unknown in Glamorgan South Wales.
This is a brilliant idea. I appreciate any help that I can get. I am trying to research Gargan, Shellard and Moore. These sre the names that I am stuck with the most. This is a really friendly helpful site. Thanks to all concerned.