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Rfc 25 Reserve Squadron Thetford

Iam have a postcard of a relative of mine who was in the RFC during WW1.
I am trying to find so details on him, his name was John H Fairs and im sure he came from Essex.
All i know for certain he was in the RFC 25 Reserve Squadron Based in Thetford which he talks about on the back of the card. I have no idea if he survived the war or not but would love to find out.
I have searched Axxxtry.co.uk but cant seem to be able to find him as far as im aware it only holds army records not RFC.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Try the Ministry Of Defence website. I think they may have RFC records as it is an air regiment.

The website should provide you with details of the RFC if they have their records and if not try contacting them to see if they can give you an address for where they are. They are probably the best people.