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Rhodes - Burslem/Hanley, Staffordshire

Hi Folks,
I am very keen to find the exact birth date and parents of an Alfred Thomas Rhodes. He was born in October 1850 in Burslem, Staffordshire.
The 1871 census has him staying with a Wesleyan minister by the name of John Skerratt in Rugeley, Staffordshire. In 1871 he went to Richmond College when he was accepted as a candidate for the ministry. In 1874 he went to South Africa as a Wesleyan minister where he stayed until his death in 1918.
I haven't been able to find a record of his birth. Would be most grateful if someone could assist me in any way.
Hi there...found an Albert (not Alfred) Thomas Rhodes registered Oct-Dec 1850 in Stoke on Trent, which would most likely have been the closest registration district at the time thru free BMD - volume 17 page 178

Think I've found him for you... on 1871 census listed as being born in Hanley and staying with John Skerrett as you say. Check the 1851 and 1861 census with the first name Albert. The 1861 census says Albert W but upon looking at the original it actually says Tho or Ths and has been wrongly transcribed. Turns out he was a twin
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Thanks guys for your input, but it's definitely an Alfred Thomas I'm looking for. I seem to be struggling with this one, for some reason he's not on the 1851 or 1861 census but appears on the 1871? :confused:

Regards, Peter.
Thanks to all the vollies who work for BMD's
Have you looked in Staffs BMD for his birth? they have over a million listed.
There is an Albert Thomas Rhodes in the Shelton district of Stoke on Trent bn 1850. Not sure if this is your man.

ozn :)