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Richard DAWE b1795/1800 Cornwall

Looking for Richard Dawe, born Cornwall. Age shown as 40 in 1841. Then living in Launceston with wife Jane (born Devon?) and children Ann (1829),John (1831) and Richard (1834) - all born Cornwall.

I am trying to establish a time frame for their migration to Australia.
Hello BB,

I can't find them in 1851 and I'm struggling to find them anywhere in Australia.

The only tree I can find has a Richard born 1842 Redruth (I can't find a reg that fits) who died in Western Australia in 1922.

And these two and they don't fit.

DAWE / (RAWE) Richard, wife arrived in SA 1846-11-11 aboard Lady Bruce from London via Southampton, Plymouth 1846-08-02 [Source:6,7,20]

DAWE Richard arrived in SA 1849-04-03 aboard Mary Ann from Bristol via Plymouth 1848-12-25 [Source:6,20]


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Thanks both, for your thoughts.

I am relying on an account of the life of Jane's illegitimate son, John, which appeared in the local press after he had been hung for murder in 1862.

"About twelve years ago his mother married a widower named Dawe and emigrated to Australia where they succeeded in doing comparatively well. About five years since she sent home sufficient money to take her children in England to Australia. They all went with the exception of John who refused to go and was left without a friend or relative in this country".

I am fairly confident that Jane and Richard married in 1841 - I am awaiting a copy of their marriage certificate to confirm this - I am thinking that perhaps they left for Australia "about twelve years ago" i e 1850. The newspaper account infers that the family were still in Australia circa 1857.
South Australian Register (Adelaide, SA : 1839 - 1900) - Saturday 7 April 1849 p.4

List of passengers on the 'Mary Anne' includes Richard Dawe, and no mention of wife.

South Australian Register (Adelaide, SA : 1839 - 1900) - Monday 23 February 1852 p.3
Unclaimed Letters
... Richard Dawe, ...

South Australian Register (Adelaide, SA : 1839 - 1900) - Thursday 4 August 1853 p.2
On Tuesday, 2nd instant, at Christ Church, North Adelaide,
by the Rev. J. W. Woodcock, Richard Dawe, of Tynte-street,
North Adelaide, formerly of Plymouth, to Maria Matilda Parry,
of Margaret-street, North Adelaide.
I think any search of the BMD in the various states would have to include DAWES as well.

NSW BMD is down for maintenance this weekend.

No death in Queensland in the index. Just a note. If the death is the subject of a court case then there is usually no death reg.

In Victoria there are deaths for 3x Richard as DAWES and none as DAWE.

In Victoria there are deaths for 4x Jane DAWE and 2 as DAWES.

Wills and probate records for 3x Richard in Victoria but date of death rules those wills out.
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Assisted to Victoria
Passengers on the Osprey - 2 Mar 1849
Richard Dawe 27 Farm lab Camberwell

Another one does not fit.

A Richard Dawe died in Sydney in 1869 but he was 29 and not from Cornwall.

None fit yet.
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1851 in the civil parish of St Stephen by Launceston has a Jane Dawe born about 1799 Broadwood Devon listed as wife of labourer, only she and a Sarah Scown (visitor) born Werrington Devon are listed.

Class H0107
Piece 1899
Folio 276
Page 1

A possibilty for Richard junr in 1851

Civil parish Lezant - RD Launceston - Sub RD Alternon

Richard Dawe born abt 1833 occ ag. lab born St Stephens Cornwall

Head of household Richard Sangin**** Spear farmer
plus family and 4 other servants

Class H0107
Piece 1899
Folio 466
Page 20
Hi BB,

I found the newspaper article on John, the one who was executed.

Was Doidge Jane's maiden name?
His name was John Doidge so maybe his siblings who arrived in Australia might be under the name Doidge?? :confused: Also the kids might be under the name Doidge in the census.

It says he was one of many illegitimate children and was born in Castle street Launceston in the early part of the year 1834.
Im just not finding anything, well nothing to indicate that the Dawe's i have found are any connection to your Dawe's. I cant find anything on passenger lists under Dawe's or Doidge.

Looking at these baptisms:-

Ann Dawe 1 Mar 1829 - Launceston St. Mary Magdalene - Parents Richard/Mary

Richard Dawe 1834 28 Apr - St. Mary Magdalene - Parents Richard/Mary.
Unless Richard and Mary are a different couple. Death 1843 for Mary Dawe age 31 - Residence Fore Street, same address as the baptisms, also another child Mary died in 1839 age 4 Fore Street given as residence..
Another baptism for this couple - St. Mary Magdalene - John Dawe - 6 Oct 1831 - Launceston - Parents richard and Mary - residence Fore Street.

Another child by the name of John Dawe to same parents baptised 1827 -died 1828 - Residence Fore St.
The baptisms must be the right ones as Richard and Jane are living at Fore Street in 1841.

This ones seems the probable burial for Mary Dawe - 13 Apr 1840 - Launceston, St. Mary Magdalene
Mary Dawe age 43 - Residence Fore Street.
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Thanks,Julie and Gibbo.

Before commenting, I feel I must offer an explanation. At the same time I started this thread I initiated one on Rootschat asking for any trace of the family in Australia. These were intended and expected to be two separate lines of enquiry but they have now started to overlap and merge. I accept that it is bad practice and protocol to have duplicate threads running but I was pessimistic of the likelihood of learning much of value I decided to double my chances. In reality the response has been so tremendous I now feel I should make it clear that there was no duplicitous intent on my part.

Yes, Gibbo, that is the newspaper article. I have found no more illegitimate children other than those that Julie mentions, but given that Jane was over 30 when she had them, and assuming that she moved to Launceston, (from Devon?), it is possible she may have had others before arriving in Cornwall.

Julie, thanks for the 1851 entry for Jane Dawe in Altarnun. That will need further research but it does look a distinct possibility. I had assumed that Richard and Jane travelled to Australia together but that may not have been the case. I will now have to have a fresh look at records of any Richard arriving unaccompanied. You have confirmed my own research findings re the Dawes of Fore Street.

P S Thanks to Dave Ham. The arrival of Richard Dawe in 1849 could be relevant.
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Maria Matilda Parry who married a Richard Dawe in 1869 North Adelaide died in 1884 born, abt 1830. Husband Richard died before her, so assuming this Richard who died in 1875 age 56yrs is he that rules him out.

Richard Dawe who married Elizabeth Ann Harris in 1869 is the son of Thomas Dawe Cornwall.
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