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Marriages Jun 1914
Richardson Laurence -Hollywood Middlesbro 9d 1313
Hollywood Margaret J -Richardson Middlesbro 9d 1313

Births Jun 1891
Richardson Laurence Guisbro 9d 494

Births Mar 1892
Hollywood Margaret Jane Middlesbro' 9d 564

I have Laurence in 1911 with parents William (b. abt 1854) & Louisa (b. abt 1857) in Loftus, NRY.

I have Margaret Jane in 1911 with parents Simon (b. abt 1853 Co Tyrone) & Mary Frances (b. abt 1862 Crook Co Durham) in Grangetown, Yorkshire.

I'd like a look up please for Laurence and Margaret in 1901.


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Hi Dave

1901 - Parish: Loftus - Reg. Dist: Guisborough - ED: 1 - RG13/4564/6/4
William Richardson, head, 46, Confectioner/baker [own account at home], b. Loftus
Louise, wife, 45, b. do.
Lionel, son, 13, b. do.
Lawrence, son, 9, b. do.

Still looking for Margaret Jane.

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Hi Dave

This looks the one for Margaret...

1901 - Parish: Eston - Reg. Dist: Middlesbrough - ED: 8 - RG13/4585/35/12
S Hollywood, head, 48, Ironworks foreman [worker], b. Ireland.
M. do, wife, 40, b. Durham, Crook.
St. do, dau., 17, b. Yorks., South Bank.
F. do, dau., 15, b. do.
S. do, son, 13, b. do.
M. do, dau., 9, b. do.
A. do, dau., 5, b. do.

No forenames, just initials.

Hello Geoff,

Thank you very much.

Simon in 1911 is a foreman metal carrier in Parish of Eston.

Son Simon 23 b. Southbank. Seems to fit although I can't match Ann to St. Catherine Adelaide must be A.


Marriages Dec 1883
DONALDSON John Middlesbro' 9d 1146
Hollywood Simon Middlesbro' 9d 1146 **
MEALEY Mary Frances Middlesbrough 9d 1146 **
MEALEY Sarah Ann Middlesbrough 9d 1146

Births Jun 1884
Hollywood Annie Isabella Middlesbro' 9d 629

Births Jun 1888
HOLLYWOOD Simon Patrick Middlesbro' 9d 596

Births Dec 1895
Hollywood Catherine A Middlesbro' 9d 577
Hi Dave

There's the following from FreeBMD 1891 - 1901:
Q3 1893 Michael Hollywood, Middlesbrough. [9d, 584]
Q4 1895 Catherine A Hollywood, Middlesbrough. [9d, 577]
Q3 1896 Ellen Hollywood, Middlesbrough. [9d, 607]

It looks as if the initial is the middle initial:

A. for Catherine Adelaide and F. for Mary Frances.

Births Jun 1886
HOLLYWOOD Mary Frances Middlesbro 9d 613
Hi Dave


Q3 1896 Sarah Elizabeth Hollywood, aged 7y, Middlesbrough. [9d, 408]

Q3 1899 Ann Hollywood, aged 56y, Middlesbrough. [9d, 394]

More than one family too:

Births Mar 1884
Hollywood Mary Alice Middlesbro' 9d 555
Births Jun 1884
Hollywood Annie Isabella Middlesbro' 9d 629