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Richmond - Phillips

Greater Sudbury
A car accident took the lives of both my great-grandparents in England. No one knows what county...but some thoughts were, Essex, Middlesex Their names were:

Alice Richmond? or Alice Phillips
John Phillips? 0r John Richmond?

I have no dates to follow up on. My grandmother was born on July 30,1894 and I do know her sister Lillian was a little older than her.

This accident could have took place between the years 1894 to 1909 just guessing! My grandmother married my grandfather in 1918, but since the girls were adopted sometime earlier, I am allowing about a generous lapse in time.

They were friends with a Col. Guy Stanhope Kinner and his wife Laura. When they were killed in the car accident, Mr. & Mrs. Kinnear took my Grandmother Alice Maud and her older sister Lillian back to New Brunswick, Canada. Not sure if it was a legal adoption, or if it was just okay to do that in those days?

I would so appreciate it if anyone could find information on the car accident, or any other thing that might help me further my search.

With appreciation and sincere gratitude.

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