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RILEY family from London to NSW 1837


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I'm looking for the RILEY family - James & Mary Ann (both b. abt 1800) and son William R (b. 1829) from London to NSW in 1837 - Unassisted.

It's possible some or all of these children were also on the vessel:
Joan b. 1820
Edward b. 1824
Elizabeth b. 1826

RILEY William Russell Death notice 11AUG1910 Death 81 late of Goulburn SMH 20AUG1910


RILEY Mary Ann Death notice 14JAN1860 Death 61 at Goulburn Sydney Morning Herald 17JAN1860


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Why? :2fun: Is the history of Australia wrong? :D

Copied from CENTENNIAL HISTORY OF NSW 1888 by Barbara Adams
This gentleman was born near London in 1829. In 1837 he came to NSW with his parents. At that time nearly all free colonists were either Government immigrants or in the army; but Mr. Riley's father was amongst the few who paid the passages of themselves and families....
Thank you Dave now i know where you got the info from :2fun::2fun:

As for is the history of Australia wrong? It could be :biggrin: Theres still debates over who exactly the first white man to land here :2fun::2fun:
Think i found them :biggrin: Well maybe see what you think.

The Sydney Monitor (NSW : 1828 - 1838)(about)
Wednesday 13 December 1837

Last night the ship Juliet 500 tonn, Wilson, master, from London, 20th July, and Hobart Town the 2nd December, general cargo-Passengers, Capt. Hunter, Mr. llettingtoo, Dr. Parsons, Mr. Lee, Mr. Bell Mr. Edwards, Mr. and Mrs. Picton and 4 children, Mr. Jessop, MAr. Scawthorpe, Mr. and Mrs. Anderson, Mr. Herson, from Hobart Town, Captain Taylor, Mr. Allen, Mr. Hitchccck, Miss Watson, Masters Sacks, Mr and Mrs. Riley. and 4 children , Mr. English and 2 children, Mr. W.
Yes, and a few other bits of history not quite right. :rolleyes:

Knew you would. :2fun: Thanks gibbo.

The family were very kind to me. Son, grand daughter and great grandson all with middle name Russell (Mary Ann's Maiden name).
Departure from Hobart.

Reilly Mrs Juliet 1 Dec 1837 Hobart Sydney

Reilly Child Juliet 1 Dec 1837 Hobart Sydney Child of Mr and Mrs 1 of 2

Reilly MrsJuliet 1 Dec 1837 Hobart Sydney

Reilly MrJuliet 1 Dec 1837 Hobart Sydney

Cant find them arriving Tassie tho:confused:
Ok im confused :confused: The first article arriving in Sydney says 4 kids yet the departure from Tassie has 2 kids and if the below is the right arrival into Tassie it has only 2 kids noted as well :confused::confused:

Colonial Times (Hobart, Tas. : 1828 - 1857)(about)
Tuesday 21 November 1837

Nov. 14-Arrived the barque Andromeda, 420 tons, from London 1st June, J. rtacks, with a general cargo. Passengers-Mr. and Mrs. Cameron, Miss Kay, Mr. Duncan, Mr. Kemp, Miss Watson, Captain Taylor, Master Blyth, Master Dale, Miss Kirkby, Mrs. Hayes, Miss Mitchell, Mrs. Jacks and two children, Madame Duceval, Mr. Anderson, (ship's surgeon,) Mr. and Miss Woodall, Miss But- ton and three boys (brothers,) Mr. and Mrs. Stam- mers, Mr. Ford; Mr., Mrs., and Miss Murphy; Mr. Rudd, Mr. Tullock, two Master Spurlings, Mr. Orr, Mr. French, Mr. and Mrs. Mason, son and daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Landell, and two children; Mrs. Constance, Mrs. Topping; Mr. and Mrs. Riley , son and daughter; Mr. Skinnett and two child- ren, Mr. Crouch, Mr. Jennings, Mr. and Mrs. Williams.
arrival: barque Juliet
444 tons Convict vessel

Master: Wilson
Origin: Hobart Town 1837 Dec 2
Destination: Sydney 1837 Dec 12

Date Item Details Source
origin London cja:227
1837 Dec 13 background Altertnate date of arrival at Sydney ao:2502

Passenger list

Surname Other names Notes Source
Hunter Capt cja:227
Bettington Mr [employed John Picton from Oct 1830] cja:227, Derrell Picton
Lee Mr cja:227
Parsons Dr cja:227
Taylor Capt cja:227
Allen Mr cja:227
Hitchcock Mr cja:227
Watson Miss cja:227
Jacks Master cja:227
Bell Mr cja:227
Edwards Mr cja:227
Piston Mr and Mrs, children [Actually Picton. See Picton Below] cja:227, Derrell Picton
Jessop Mr cja:227
Scawthorpe Mr cja:227
Anderson Mr and Mrs cja:227
Hewson Mr cja:227
Riley Mr and Mrs, family cja:227
English Mr and 2 children cja:227
Taylor Mr cja:227
Rush John cja:227
Rhodes Samuel master of the schooner Amelia picked up off Cape Pillar cja:227
4 convict servants picked up off Cape Pillar cja:227
Picton John, Mr [was a convict on the Countess of Harcourt, arr. Sydney 8/9/1827] Derrell Picton
Picton Marha, Mrs Derrell Picton
Picton John, Master Derrell Picton
Picton William, Master Derrell Picton
Picton Charles, Master Derrell Picton
Picton Joseph, Master Derrell Picton
They had 4 children but so far I only have evidence one of the four arrived - William.

I don't think they would have changed vessels in Hobart.
I was hoping Mary Ann's death notice might have mentioned names etc. but it only mentions James.

Empire (Sydney, NSW : 1850 - 1875)
Tuesday 17 January 1860

At Goalburn, on the 14th instant, Mrs. Mary Ann Riley, the wife Mr. James Riley: aged 61 years.

Son William Russell is mentioned a lot because he owned and ran the Goulburn Herald for many years.