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RMS Titanic - History Fact Slap


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Nottingham, England.
History Fact Slap 👋

Today in 1912 at 1130, RMS TITANIC collected her last passengers from Cobh, Ireland and proceeded into the North Atlantic.

At this time in history, the big Atlantic shipping lines made more money from the 3rd Class or Steerage Class. These were the mass of immigrants leaving from Europe bound for a new life in the USA. Titanic and other ships of her time were built with the grand First Class facilities but the money was made in 2nd & 3rd Class.

Even in the cheapest accommodation, you could expect up to a 10 berth cabin with a small sink and fresh bedding daily, 3 meals a day all inclusive and the use of the stern of the ship for exercise. There were also reading rooms, smoking room and a piano room. Single males travelled in the bow section of the ship, whilst single females and families travelled in the stern.

The food served was probably some of the best food that any of these people had eaten before and they were even served by stewards who
called them Sir/Madam and wore white gloves. The idea in treating the 3rd Class with some respects rather than as cattle was that they would recommend the service to friends and family.

Cobh was one of the large immigrant ports in Ireland at the time and as such in was on the destination list for most of the Atlantic shipping companies. You might see it listed as Queenstown on some of the original posters, before Ireland became a republic, Cobh was as known as Queenstown but changed its name back to its original Irish name post independence.

Like Cherbourg, Cobh was a smaller port and Titanic had to anchor off and small tenders ran the passengers out. 7 passengers disembarked and 120 embarked along with 1,385 bags of mail. As Titanic sailed from Ireland she had a total of 2,208 souls
on board, 1,317 passengers and 891 crew. She was under capacity, she could hold 2,453 passengers and her crew in top. Even at this lower capacity, she was woefully under equipped when it came to lifeboats.

Here Titanic was photographed on the surface for the last time.

brentor boy

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What would have a 3rd class/steerage berth have cost? My grandfather, together with a friend, was booked to sail on Titanic but was prevented from travelling by ill health. I have a copy of a contemporary newspaper report in confirmation.


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