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Road Trip


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swindon wilts
Two day trip starting i Brum....picking up then on to Richmond in Yorkshire.

What a lovely little town....wasn't there long and stopped my lorry for fish and chips in Weatherby......slept in the lorry at the Weatherby Racecourse entrance.....out of town and the silence was golden,a bright orange sun said hello to me early this morning,like a giant egg yolk it was....peering over the horse jumps in the distance....was a pleasure to behold.
Then my next stop was Darlington and then the six mile drive home via John Smiths brewery in Tadcaster.
Was my first trip away for a while(because of dads death).....was hard work but that sunrise made it all worthwhile.

Just the small matter of 9 drops in the South West tomorow starting with Tiverton.....a few miles from Hockworthy where all my Ferris rellies shoed horses for generations.....and finishing in Bude:biggrin:

Think i may treat myself to an ice cream and stick of rock:D

All the best to you all.

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