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Birth/Bap 24/09/1829 CAIRNS ROBERT - WALTER CAIRNS/HELEN YOUNG M 282/ 160 239 Dundee

1841 and 1851 census not found

Arrival not found.

NSW Marriage V1856337 101/1856 CAIRNS ROBERT - DERVIN BRIDGET - LD


The Sydney Morning Herald - Fri 12 May 1905 p.6
CAIRNS.-May 11, 1905, at his residence, 25 Theodore-street, Balmain, Robert Cairns, in his 76th year, a resident of Miller's Point for nearly 50 years.
NSW Unassisted Immigrant Passenger List has a Robert Cairns age 25 dept Melb for Sydney 12 May 1854 – vessel “Algerine” listed as crew

Died 12 May 1905 buried Rookwood Gen on Findagrave – Cemetery Index age 75 died 11 May 1905 so interred 12 May… Rookwood Section 4 Row 21 – Old Church of England

possible for father Walter Cairns death (Findagrave) b 1808 died 3 June 1836 Dundee

a Robert Cairns b 1829 Dundee on 1841 age 12 – Civil Parish Dundee, County Angus – address Overgate N S parish 282 with a David Chapman age 45 a flaxdresser and family.

The only marriage I can find for a Walter Cairns is to a Alison Young 10 July 1829 Dundee & Scotland Select Births & Baptisms shows a Alison Young & Walter Cairns for John Cairns

so is Helen also Allison?
Thanks Val.

A daughter named Helen Gorman and no daughter named Alice/Allison so I'd say Helen is probably not Allison.
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Thanks Geoff.

I have very little that might help. Seems Robert was a rigger and spliced the ends of steel cables.

The middle name Young comes from the Cairns side not the Dervin, Irish side.

Given the census in post #3

I can't find a birth/bap for Thomas or Mary.

And only the one in post #1 for a Robert using Cairns and Carins.

No marriage for a Walter Carins in Angus.

No baptisms in Angus 1831 - 1841 for Cairns or Carins with mother as Alison/Allison.
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Re the 1841 census in post #3, no marriage found for a Helen Young to an Urquhart.

No baptisms found for Thomas and Mary Cairns.

Robert b. 24 Sep 1829 Dundee, Forfarshire, Scotland
Walter CAIRNS & Helen YOUNG
Batch C112828 Microfilm 993402

Looking for anything on Walter and Helen, thanks.
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Walter Cairns married Alison Young 10 July 1829 in Dundee. Walter was a Mason. Alison was from Dunkeld, father James, a Seedsman.

Robert Cairns baptised Dunkeld, Perth 26 October 1829 parents Walter and Alison

Walter Cairns, a Mason, died Dundee 1 July 1836 and was buried there 3 July 1836 aged 28
Thanks emeltee.

We therefore have 2x Robert baptised in Dundee with father Walter.

I went with the one with mother Helen because NSW death reg has mother as Helen.

A son David has middle name Young.
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Walter/Helen and Walter/Alison both had a son Robert baptised 24 September 1829, one baptism in Dundee and the other is Dunkeld. The two places are 25 miles apart. I can find a Walter/Alison marriage but not a Walter/Helen marriage. I'm thinking that the two women are one and the same and that somewhere along the way Alison has been mistranscribed as Helen.
Thanks emeltee.

I'm not sure and I only have 4 credits left so can't get a copy of a baptism.

A descendant named Helen but not one named Alice or Alison.
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Robert Cairns
Christening 26 October 1829
Dunkeld, Perthshire, Scotland
Birth 6 October 1829
Parents Walter Cairns, Alison Young

Robert Cairns
Birth 24 September 1829
Dundee, Angus, Scotland
Parents Walter Cairns, Helen Young
Robert Cairns
Christening 26 October 1829
Dunkeld, Perthshire, Scotland
Birth 6 October 1829
Parents Walter Cairns, Alison Young

Those details are not correct on viewing the image.

I did not get an image of the marriage but it seem the Walter who married Alison was a mason.

Cairns 3.JPG
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Robert Cairns
Birth 24 September 1829
Dundee, Angus, Scotland
Parents Walter Cairns, Helen Young

That's an error.

Walter a mason.

None of the entries in the column have a second date so I take the date to be the date of birth. EDIT: my error.

On looking again that's a 'ditto' under the '24' at the bottom. So born and baptised on 24 Oct.

Cairns 1.JPG
Cairns 2.JPG
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My error, see above.

One was born 26 September and baptised 26 October at Dunkeld. Alison.

The other was born 24 October and baptised on 24 October at Dundee. Helen.
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Looking at one up the page.

Barbara born 25 Sep and baptised 30 Sep to parents David Cochrane and Margaret Lindsay.

282 160 / 239 DUNDEE

Barbara Cochrane
Birth Date 25 Sep 1829
Father's Name David Cochrane
Mother's Name Margaret Lindsay
Christening 30 Sep 1829
Event Place Dundee, Forfarshire, Scotland