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Robert RITCHIE & William SMITH


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Convicts # 16 & 20

Robert and Ann Ritchie/Riches/Richey/Richards etc. Robert was born around 1788 in Norfolk England, and married Ann Munford in 1810. He was transported on the "Asia" (2) in 1822 and was assigned to James Atkinson. He applied to have his wife and family join him, which they did per "Henry" in 1824.

Ann MUNFORD b. 14 Jun 1786 c. 24 Jun 1786 Saint Augustine, Norwich, Norfolk
Father: John MUNFORD
Mother: Susanna FICKLING

Can't find the marriage abt 1810.

Title: Robert Riches, one of 190 convicts transported on the Asia, 01 April 1822.
Details: Sentence details: Convicted at Norfolk Quarter Sessions for a term of 7 years on 16 January 1822.
Vessel: Asia.
Date of Departure: 01 April 1822.
Place of Arrival: New South Wales.
Source: Australian Joint Copying Project. Microfilm Roll 88, Class and Piece Number HO11/4, Page Number 150

Robert Ritchie 29 Jul 1822 Per "Asia", 1822 On list of prisoners assigned ...

Can't find deaths of Robert & Ann.
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The Henry was the next convict ship to leave England after the departure of the Grenada on 2nd October 1824. The Henry departed England on 12th October 1824 with 79 prisoners, two free women and four children.
Ok i found this, If their yours Robert died before 1850.

The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)
Friday 5 April 1850

Benjamin Carver appeared upon warrant, charging him with stealing a horse and a cow, the property of Mrs. Ann Ritchie, widow of Robert Ritchie, late of the Nepean ; a search, warrant had been granted, and the horse and cow were produced. Only two witnesses were examined, one of whom was Mrs.Ritchie ; but her evidence occupied such a length of time upon the cross-examination by Carver, that the case was postponed until Saturday next, when more evidence will be produced. Mr. Lambton appeared for the prosecution
Thanks gibbo. :)

I have nothing that tells me where the family lived. Descendants are scattered all over NSW.

Several trees have deaths for Robert and Ann but I can't find reg to match those.

One tree has Ann 1784 - 1886. Well, the 1784 is wrong as per post #1.

Same tree has Robert 1788 - 1867.

NSW State Records site has been down for several hours.
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The tree does not say but it's possible Ann remarried.


Can't find a marriage to support that theory.

Can't be this death:

V1847541 32B/1847 RISING ROBERT AGE 29

I'm finding nothing that helps.

Baptism V18301395 44A/1830 RICHEY SUSAN - ROBERT - ANN

I'll look this one up on film and see where they were living. Probably Sutton Forest which is not Nepean.

I've found another tree and no death shown for Robert or Ann.
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The 1825 musters are a bit confusing, the only entries I can see for anything close are:

Robert Richey, 'Asia', 1822, 7y, G S W Atkinson, Argyle.
Mary, 'Henry', 1825, wife of Rob Richey.

There are other Richie's on the page, will send a copy.

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Perhaps Robert also..
England & Wales, Criminal Registers, 1791-1892
Name: Robert Howard Riches
Date of Trial: Summer 1820
Trial Year: 1820
Location of Trial: Norfolk, England
Sentence: Acquittal
Record shows: Sheep stealing.

New South Wales, Australia, Certificates of Freedom, 1827-1867
Name: Robert Riches
Birth Year: 1788
Native Place: Norfolk, England
Certificate Date: 9 Feb 1829
Arrival Year: 1822
Vessel: Asia

Original sent.

England & Wales Christening Records, 1530-1906
Name: Phyllis Riches
Gender: Female
Birth Date: 16 Aug 1822
Christening Date: 18 Aug 1822
Christening Place: Sprowston, Norfolk, England
Age at Christening: 0
Father's Name: Robert Riches
Mother's Name: Anne

This puts them in Sprowston about the time of his conviction/transportation.

Interesting no offspring births or Robert/Anne deaths can be validated.

Trees suggest they are in Sutton Forest.

Thanks Geoff,

I will be able to confirm Sutton Forest by looking up the baptism on film at local library. The minister should be Thomas Hassall.

Robert was found guilty the 2nd time.

Re 1825 Muster - G S = General Servant - so assigned to William Atkinson.

Daughter Elizabeth b. abt 1813 Norfolk is my connection to the family. I have not followed up the other children so don't know where Rachael & Mary were born.

The 'Asia' departed early April 1822.

Oh. I see the tree has Phyllis 1822-1822.

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V18301395 44A/1830 RICHEY SUSAN - ROBERT - ANN

I can't find Sarah.
Yeah, I was trying to pin the family down before he was transported and check out the offspring after Ann/Mary arrived, but nothing in the index in NSW.

While looking for a marriage for Mary I came across this one:

V1840751 91/1840 O'BRIEN HENRY - OF COOKS RIVER - MARY - LE= RC St. John's Campbelltown

Surname = 'OF COOKS RIVER'

V1835404 73A/1835 YOUNG BENJAMIN - RITCHIE MARY - JA= Presbyterian Scots Church Sydney

The tree has Mary's death in 1852:

V18501310 36A/1850 YOUNG MARY E
V1853318 39B/1853 YOUNG MARY A

Those burial records on film will not list parents. Date of burial and sometimes date of death. Sometimes age and sometimes abode and sometimes arrival vessel.
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V1832594 44B/1832 HOLMES ISAAC - RITCHIE RACHEL CV= CofE Berrima, Bong Bong, Sutton Forest, All Saints (Co. Camden)
Found on Family Search, maybe Mary 1820, is wrong unless first one died...

groom's name: Robert Riches
bride's name: Anne Mumfor
marriage date: 19 Feb 1810
marriage place: Skeyton, Norfolk, England
indexing project (batch) number: I07508-6
system origin: England-EASy
source film number: 2149274
reference number: Item 15 Page 20

name: Elizabeth Riches
gender: Female
baptism/christening date: 28 Dec 1813
baptism/christening place: Skeyton, Norfolk, England
father's name: Robt Riches
mother's name: Ann Riches
indexing project (batch) number: I07508-6
system origin: England-EASy
source film number: 2149274
reference number: Item 14 p 2

name: Mary Riches
gender: Female
baptism/christening date: 13 Jun 1817
baptism/christening place: Skeyton, Norfolk, England
father's name: Robert Riches
mother's name: Ann
indexing project (batch) number: I02274-9
system origin: England-EASy
source film number: 1278797

name: Mary Riches Riches
gender: Female
baptism/christening date: 13 Aug 1820
baptism/christening place: Norfolk, England
father's name: Robert Howard Riches
mother's name: Ann Munford Riches
indexing project (batch) number: I03652-9
system origin: England-EASy
source film number: 1517602
reference number: 28

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Thanks Geoff.

So 1810 is correct. :eek:

And the middle name Howard. :)

Too much of the tree is correct. :biggrin: