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Robert SCOTT


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Date of Event 28 February 1860
Group Registration ID 3293949
SR District/Reg Area Castleblayney
Page 365
1860 Marriage solemnized at 2nd Presbyterian Church in the Parish of Ballibay in the County of Monaghan
No. 70 28 February 1860
Robert Scott - of full age - Bachelor - Farmer - Aghakist parish of Aughnamullen Co Monaghan - William Scott - Farmer
Martha Breakey - of full age - Spinster - - - ... ? parish of Ballibay Co Monaghan - William Breakey - Farmer
Married in the Presbyterian Church 2nd Ballibay ... by Licence by me John H Morell ??
Parties signed: Witnesses: James Breakey, William McClatchie

Date of Birth 1873
Group Registration ID 8691853
SR District/Reg Area Castleblayney
Page 422
1873 Births registered in the District of Ballibay in the Union of Castleblayney in the County of Monaghan
No. 417 Thirtieth July 1873 Aghakist - Thomas George - Male - Robert Scott Aghakist - Martha Scott formerly Braky - Farmer - Robert Scott Father Aghakist - Eighteenth August 1873 - George Percy Registrar

00. Second Presbyterian Church, Ballybay ,County Monaghan, Ireland.

075 In memory of| REV JAMES MORELL| minister of Ballybay| who died on the 30th August 1831 aged 58 years| LETITIA his wife| who died on the 2nd November 1872 aged 91 years| ELIZA, their daughter| who died on the 6th March 1873, aged 20 years| FANNY ANNE, their daughter| who died on the 6th May 1841, aged 28 years| MARY, wife of REV JOHN H MORELL| who died on 15th July 1849 aged 28 years| MARY, their daughter| who died on the 16th April 1851, aged 5 years| FRANCES HESTER, wife of REV JOHN H MORELL| who died on the 6th November 1865, aged 48 years| REV JOHN HARRIS MORELL| minister of second Ballybay| who died on 4th August 1888, in the 78th year of his age, and the 55th of his ministery| also his daughter ANNE PARK and FANNY| and his son LOWRY DICKSON M.D. REV JAMES MORELL B.A.| who died 17th Dec 1914, aged 65 years.|
Looks like Dunmurrick but I can't find that as a townland in parish of Ballybay/Ballibay.
Here’s Martha’s sister’s marriage which gives the townland a bit more clearly. It appears to be Dunmurrisk.


I don’t know the area but my hunch is that it’s an alternative spelling for Dunmaurice. (Try saying both. Its more or less the same word). There’s a William Breaky listed as farming there in Griffiths Valuation in 1861.