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Herne Bay
Looking for a Scottish link!!

Looking for my Grandads parents (dont have contact with my fathers side of family, so unable to get any info!!! ):'( :'(

My Grandad - Douglas Lister Robertson born in Pollockshields, Glasgow around 1910 - 1919

I think he had a sister (but not sure):confused:

He later married a Doris Maude Bell in 1937 (Oct-Dec qtr) in Kensington (ohhh , how posh!!!), sadly my nan died in 1959 in Willesden, London before I was born (so again this makes things harder)

They had two son's - Brian Lister born - 10/7/1939 and John Charles born - 08/5/1942 (my dad).

I am an only child, my birth parents are divorced, and my mum passed away 8 years ago, so my almanac has disappeared (so inconsiderate - only joking):'(

So any help, would be so gratefully received, apparently there are family rumours that we are related to Lord Joseph Lister - but where, when or how I haven't managed to work that one out yet?

Thank you to anyone who is brave enough. I know it is all vague - i am sorry

:D :D :2fun: :2fun: :biggrin: :biggrin:

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