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Has anybody used Rootsmagic to set out their FT.

I am trying to get my info and Tree all onto one thing now,as most of my notes are I don't like to say this in folders on the bookshelf, written down. I am confused as I have read about Familytree maker, but have read that this is owned by Ancestry,does this mean that other people can see your Tree without your permission, and if so ccould I access theirs? without belonging to Ancestry.
Any info would be of use. Thank you
First of all Familytree Maker is no longer owned by Ancestry but I can't remember the name of the company who has taken it over. Even when Ancestry owned it if you bought the programme from somewhere like PC World or other dealers, you got a disk which you loaded into your computer and you load the programme onto your hard disk. The tree info is not loaded up to Anc, nor would your tree be on line.

I did try Rootsmagic and it's not a bad programme but I couldn't get my head around how to print out a tree. With Familytree maker you go into publish and click on the type of tree you want. The programme generates the tree, press print and off you go. (Not quite that simple but close)

None of the family tree programmes you buy in a shop put your tree on line, as far as I am aware. However I would just like to add that, although I use a family tree programme I still have eveything on paper, in numerous files, as computers are renowned for crashing when you least expect it.


Ps There are quite a few family tree programmes availble free on line. These programmes will not make your tree available on line.
There are advantages to allowing your tree to be viewable on the internet as others can contact you if you have something wrong.
Mine is viewable on Ancestry as a public tree ( I use Family tree maker)

The new owners of family tree maker are https://www.mackiev.com/ftm/

Ancestry do not make living persons visible on the web although you have the ability to enable others to view your tree if so desired - again this can be very rewarding in the exchange if information.

I can see no point in keeping the tree secret as most of the information is freely available if you know where to look.

As an after-thought, my experience of Anc gave me a big boost on the Welsh side. I was informed my 2 x Great Grandmother's maiden name was Griffith and not Lawrence as I'd originally thought and the kind gentleman's tree allowed me to go back to 7 x Great Grandparents on her side. So there are pluses and minuses on this game.
I can see the pros for putting your tree on line but it is something I am very loath to do. I just hate the idea that, having done all the hard work searching and checking etc., someone could come along, copy it all and then say "Look, here's my tree!"

As far as I am concerned my tree is private to me. After all they are my ancestors. If someone else wants to claim them as theirs then let them go searching for themselves. Selfish I know, but maybe that comes from being an only child - what's mine is mine!

I'm an only child too, but I don't see this in the same way.
I have a public tree on Ancestry and yes it has been hard work to get to where I am, but may be it's because I don't have any close family that I'm looking to see if there is anyone else out there when what close family I do have isn't here any longer, I'm not completely alone.

These people would be pretty stupid to copy my tree any not varify it, after all it's possible I have made mistakes, which doesn't help them in their quest.

You can never tell why people blindly copy others trees :eek:

I have even come across trees where the wrong data is correctable via their own data :(
Perhaps they don't check what data they already have(been there got the t- shirt)

Up until the end of last month my tree on Ancestry was invisible. I find when you have a tree with good info ,then people jump on the bandwagon. I have seen trees with my dead ancestry alive and married. I had one lady years ago who added one of my lines to her tree althought born in different Counties. Explained as maybe a fallen branch:)and added and added to it .I have info gleaned from other records not on Ancestry. Waiting to see who will add it.:)
Now I have come to the conclusion why should I be the one hiding my tree. If they get theirs wrong well to bad.

Edit- By the way, having a private tree ,does not stop them copying from the search data.

Totally agree with you Ellie, but I go one further, I'm forever leaving messages on other trees and if they choose to ignore what I've said then more fool them!! As long as I know I have the correct information :biggrin:

Yes I used to leave messages stating they had wrong info, but have now decided it's a waste of my time. That was another reason i have opened my tree .My records stand me in good stead, so they either change their tree, or become the "laughing stock". If I need to put records on to refute someone' s tree then so be it.:) Also I am of an age now, and want my tree to be left were people can see it, and share it.

I went from Public to Private. The reason being is, I have many scanned photo's, original certs, documents PDF files, Word Pro files, Wills, you name it, it's there,........and people would just nick my documents etc. without so much as a thank you, or acknowledgment.

I have spent so much money, from £10 each to £40 each(I shudder to think.:eek: ), on Parish transcripts CD's, and people want what I have without a thank you. Common courtesy costs nothing, and I have always freely given to those that ask, and even to those that didn't. I've PM'd people on the A site, with PR's from my CD's, and most thanked me, and some never replied, even though the info was added to their tree's.

I have bent over backwards, as many have done for me, to get or give information, and I always will. There are few times that I've forgotten to give thanks, so I expect the same thanks in return for stuff from my tree.

I've even copied CD's and posted them, as some have done the same for me. I've gone to the Irish Records Office in Roscommon to get certs for other FH people, at my own cost.

So if people can't say thank you, or acknowledge you, then i'll cut my nose off to spite my face as regards my tree.

So mine stays private.

Grumpy & happy 'ole Steve.:mad::2fun:

Ooops, sorry. Strayed off topic..:rolleyes::2fun:
I am in full agreement with you Steve. I hate being ripped off without so much as a please, may I or thank you. I am more than willing to go out of my way to help anyone who asks but I have no intention of putting all my hard found (and as you say, costly) info out there for a free for all comers. As far as I am concerned I researched my tree for myself and the family and not for Joe Public to peruse and use.

I agree. Mine is staying private on my own computer with backups. I'm still using old PAF 5.2.

Yes, this has happened to me too. One person went off on a completely different line, just because the first names were the same.

As you say always, always check, and re check.

Still haven't found the answer to who is the best FREE Tree maker on line